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Wow, so this basically disappeared without trace, huh?

With that murderer’s row of talent, and how good the movie is, I can’'t understand why. Did the marketing screw the pooch by leaning too much into the We Have Themes And Talent So We’re Worthy angle (and by implication tedious awards bait), instead of the more accurate tense pulp crime thriller angle?

You can definitely feel like you’re watching a thing that’s been condensed from a more sprawling work at times, chiefly in the Chicago politics, but the story works, the cast is terrific, and Steve MCQueen knows how to craft a fucking motion picture.

And man, Daniel Kaluuya is nasty in the best possible way.

I really liked this one.


Wut? Isn’t he dead since 1980?


The other Steve McQueen, what directed 12 Years a Slave, Shame, and Hunger.

(Which only increases the Worthiness factor, but since this is co-written by Gillian Flynn, it’s got two feet squarely planted in pulp entertainment.)


I’ve been anticipating this for a couple months but a busy schedule kept me away until tonight. It was excellent though!


It is an excellent movie, everyone should see it. Well-crafted film.


Spectacular tale, brilliantly constructed, directed, and performed. Sounds like it’s not getting it’s due at the box office, which is sad because I feel it could be a cross-over hit. Hoping it gets some recognition at the Oscars… but will it be for Best Picture or Best Pop Fodder?


I really liked everything with one exception:

It turning out that Liam Neeson faked his death

It’s not a fatal flaw or anything but it just didn’t really feel necessary to me and it is a little contrived.

Also I went in with very little preparation so seeing actors like Jon Bernthal, Jackie Weaver, Elizabeth Debicki, Carrie Coon, Daniel Kaluuya and Garret Dillahunt was a pleasure. Pretty much all I knew going in was Viola Davis and Michelle Rodriguez.


You forgot Olivia. The dog. Scene-stealer.


Oh I thought this thread was called Windows, and Bill Gates finally got that operating system movie made that he’s been after. Oops.