Wierd issue (power supply related)?

Yeah, I had noticed that, but I believe it is saying that one card needs a minimum of 300W with 22A, so I still have to take the current supply back to Best Buy and order a different one from Newegg (which I have done).

The 450W PSU in my Sonata 2 died a while back. I think there was an epidemic of shitty QA at Antec right around the end of 2005, because I’ve heard of a ton of people who had those bundled PSUs die after 6-9 months. I replaced mine with a 500W SmartPower and it’s run like a champ since then.

Anecdotal, I know, but I thought the same thing about the reputable brand when my PSU went tits up.

Regarding amp requirements of videocards:

Those requirements are assuming a powersupply with only a single rail, ie. the power supply needs to pump out that much to power the card AND the cpu AND all the peripherals.

You don’t actually need the amperage rating on a single rail. You just need to make sure the powersupply outputs enough amps overall.

edit: Also, 2 times booting is nothing. Mine started up properly 15 times ( I was counting ), until the 16th, when it didn’t.