Wii 4 player games?

Any good Wii games support 4 players? I think they are finally shipping me a Wintendo. My friends greeted the news by declaring a party at my place. The bundle comes with two controllers. Are there any decent games so it’s worth buying two extra ones? Or do the game screens get so tiny it’s not worth it?

Found a quote that Wii sports and Mario Strikers Charged are the only 4 player support. So I guess not worth?

The just-released VC title Battle Lode Runner is supposed to support up to five players. Dunno if it’s any good, but I’m curious if my nostalgic memories of Lode Runner on an old Apple II will hold up…

Wii Sports is way more fun with 4 people. Full 2 on 2 doubles tennis is awesome. Some of the Monkey Ball minigames also support 4 players.

In addition to the above, 4 player N64 mario kart on the Wii is popular at my house.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves is another classic party game. There’s even an MP mode for up ton 12 players. And it only requires one controller. (In fact, it doesn’t even support more than one controller.)

You can easily spend ages with Wii Sports though. We didn’t even fully get around to checking all of WarioWare or Monkey Ball yet, because Wii Sports is usually what most of the participants want to play. Monkey Ball, overall, isn’t that great though anyway compared to the other games. Rayman Raving Rabbids is another title for up to four players you might want to consider.


So you know, Wii Play is 2P only. What a disappointment that was.

Ah, many thanks! Does Wii sports come with the console? The product page doesn’t even exist anymore so I can’t check what will hopefully arrive.

Does Wii sports come with the console?

Yes, it does. (Except in Japan.)


Are any of the mini-games actually fun with four players? I kind of bought it for the multiplayer and haven’t really found a minigame that I’d want to share with other people.

Bomberman on the VC.

RRR is definitely lacking some form of meta-game that connects the mini-game in a way the board part does it in Mario Party, but we had fun playing the work-out ones, especially exhausting bits like the carrot juice challenge. Other mini-games people tend to go for include the one where you have to arrange the ears, mouth, eyes and arms in a proper way on the wooden bunny, the one where all players slide on the iced sea and have to get as close to the center of it as possible or the mini-game where you have to avoid the flying ghosts. All of which can be played by four players at the same time.

The mini-game challenges (series of three mini-games) including the shooter parts definitely don’t work though for multiplayer parties. They take too long since you play only one after another. With the shooter games usually being like 4 minutes long, this means that you have to watch other people play for 12 minutes before it is your turn.


Most of the Wii parties we have don’t need anything more than Wii Sports and Warioware. Both are perfect for group. Warioware is probably the best because you can have twelve players and the minigames are so quick that you never have people sitting around bored, waiting for their turn.

A nice way to get another controller though. You could play the Tank Combat game with 4 players (2 to a tank - one drives, one shoots).

bust a move is another one that supports a ton of players… I have it on order, but it hasn’t arrived yet.