Wii Bricked


Didn’t see this posted elsewhere, unfortunately my Wii is pseudo-bricked. I can play games, but can’t connect online anymore.


I’ve been waiting to hear about PS3 problems. At this point, I’m assuming the lack thereof is related to the fact that most of the sold PS3s are still floating around ebay. Heh.

The fact that you have to ship them your console to recover any of your “Virtual Console” downloads is terrible.

That’s absurd. It’s tied to the console? Get the unique ID on the replacement console, change the database to reflect that new ID, send the replacement out advance RMA, and you’re done.

Why aren’t they tied to your Gamertag or whatever Wii uses like the 360 does?

This is why I no longer buy consoles at launch. I’d rather wait for hardware and software revisions.

And I find the whole launch hysteria annoying.

I’m buying an Xbox 360 this holiday and upgrading my PC.

Has anyone called them yet? I have a sickening feeling that I may have to exhange mine, although all I would lose right now are my Miis. I can see my network through the Wii, but have been unable to connect to the store or even make any updates (that I’m aware of) since I bought it. The 360 and Tivo which are also on the network work flawlessly, but the Wii has refused every time with that five digit code (and if I wasn’t at work, I’d call them now).

Calling Dave Long…please report to the Nintendo hardware failure thread and justify Nintendo’s gross incompetence. ;)

For heaven’s sake you might as well ask E5 where the damn EB is or claim K0NY is a viral marketer while you’re at it.

The Dave Long meme is older than dirt at this point and needs a well deserved rest.

A followup question/thought that may portray me as the biggest dumbass around (and following up from my previous post). The Wii has wifi built in and as I mentioned, it sees my network, but do I need to plug in a network adapter to connect to Nintendo, or should it be ready to go right out of the box like I assumed?

If it sees the network and took your wifi password, you should be good to go. That’s all I did.

It would if it were a meme.

Spoofy: Er, no, the DAVE LONG HAS A BROKEN X360 meme isn’t very old at all, compared to the DAVE LONG LOVES NINTENDO meme and the K0NY=S0NYMARKETEER meme.

Go see thread on Wii wrist straps breaking, k thx.

It looks like I’m bricked, too. I connected fine on Sunday and performed the update. Today, no dice.

CORRECTED: My wireless router had to be in mixed b/g mode. In wireless g mode, the wii would detect the router and take the password, but would not connect. Mixed mode gave a successful test.

My error code I am getting is 110213 - Unable to connect to WiiUpdate24. On their website it says when I get that message to call them, which I cannot do as they are closed for the night (dammit).

I have a sickening feeling I will need to exchange my machine. How does that work, do they send you a new one and then you send the old one back or do you have to send yours back first?

Oh, and based on other advice, I did set my router to channel 11, no help.

Well if the product was in stores I would say just take it back to the store and get a new one but since there are none yeah you are going to have to call them and prolly get a new one. I have heard though that they are very fast with the turn around times to get people new units and I would imagine this has not changed.

Welcome to the brick house.

I have a sickening feeling I will need to exchange my machine.

How does that work, do they send you a new one and then you send the old one back or do you have to send yours back first?

They will send you a new one but require a CC # to ensure that you return the old one. They send only a unit (no cables, etc.) and provide a prepaid packing slip/label so that it costs you zero cash. If you have data you need to save, like Virtual Console downloads, then you’ll have to send it in so they can repair it.

Welcome to Brickville, population me.

I should hopefully get my new one by no later than Tuesday, and although I am disappointed to not be able to connect to the store, I have more than enough to keep me busy that I am not worried about it.

By the way, where in Atlanta are you Bacon? Alpharetta here.

So is this completely killing the console itself, or just makes it so you can’t go online but you can play in the meantime while Nintendo ships a new console?