Wii Bricked

You can still play just fine and I have been, and the memory still works. You just cannot get to the online store.

That said, if you don’t care about your saved games (or you have them transferred to an SD card), then the impact should be minimal at best.

Where you get screwed is if you bought games online and THEN the lockup occurred. There you have to send in the Wii and they transfer the game licenses to the new machine and then send it back, meaning no system for probably a week.

Ah, thanks. That’s better than I expected.

Is it just the online store, or is it all online play/functionality?

If you were online and then you couldn’t get online, it sounds like they need a more comprehensive reset feature. I guess it’s a corrupt system update that can’t be rolled back, but man, frustrating to send a console back due to software.

Some people’s problems might be related to DNS propagation issues. Your mileage may vary.

I’m in Acworth, north of Marietta by about 20 minutes.

On the phone now with Nintendo support, hopefully this gets resolved soon. sigh

Well news and forecast won’t be running for several more weeks, and I haven’t dorked with trying out friend codes since I was under the assumption that if the connection test fails, then that wouldn’t work either.

Regarding the DNS thing, I did move to channel 11, but did not really have an easy way to move it to my router. That said, the error code, when entered on Nintendo’s website, does not even offer a solution, but instead just tells you to call them, so I imagine they know this is a huge problem and I really have to give them credit for their customer service (minus the fact that they make you call back if their lines are too busy) and the manner in which they’ve handled it.

Just got off phone, they’re sending a replacement now, whee!

Nintendo’s customer service has always been the best. It sucks that they’re having problems with the system though. I was hoping they’d get it right and not have any issues.

I think there are just too few people playing PS3 to find out if that actually works. I know the demo unit at Best Buy has been frozen two of the five times I walked by it.

Are there any estimates yet on how many systems this affected? Just judging from the number of people mentioning problems on qt3, it seems like a lot.

There’s got to be one of those silly technology laws (Moore’s law, Godwin’s law) about any kind of online service of any sort, anywhere. It will fail in some way. From MMORPG launches to digital content providers to whatever. They just never ever ever work completely on the first try, and it’s a shame.

Demo unit anecdotes: The PS3 is always frozen at Best Buy. That system must suck lol!

They put Guitar Hero in the demo kiosks for the PS2s at both Circuit City and Best Buy over a week ago, and I’ve got to admit I’m surprised and impressed–the guitars are holding up fantastically. I know it’s only been a couple weeks, but with the kind of abuse and wear normal demo unit controllers show, it’s nice how well the guitars are faring.

This thread title is misleading though. From what I understand, there’s no bricking involved here. The Wii still works, just the online stuff doesn’t. Correct?

This is worth reading for people having problems.

Correct, it’s not bricked, but it’s basically frozen in time and will never be patched or upgraded because of lack of online capability.

Like ships hanging in the air in the exact way that bricks don’t…

I’m having this problem as well, and have a new Wii incoming compliments of Nintendo next week.

One big thing to note here folks, is that you CANNOT retrieve save games off of SDRAM from a “bricked” Wii. So basically, other than your Mii characters which can be stored on your Wiimote, everything else is gone.

I had plans to play Zelda night and day for the next 4 days, but now realizing that my saves will be lost, I’m simply going to try and finish Monkey Ball instead.

Here’s the issue: The error code mentioned by a previous poster means you cannot fully updated your system online. In it’s current state, games can be saved to an SDRAM card, but not retrieved. You will receive an error message simply saying “data not copied”. Basically, the saves that a busted system creates on an SDRAM card are faulty and cannot be retrieved.

So for those of your awaiting a replacement system, please be aware that your save games are basically lost. :(

Despite this aggravation, I have to give big kudos to Nintendo’s CS department. I found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Within a few hours of my conversation a new Wii was already sent via UPS.

No possibility of saving said saves on an SD card?

Supposedly that’s what the update did. Enabling SD card related features.

More info on the save bug:


Wow, I am so glad I could not get my stupid stupid horse to jump the fences in Zelda last night, else I’d have played for much longer and been disappointed.