Wii + Component Cables work on HDTV in Netherlands?

I have some friends who are moving to Amsterdam for a couple years, and they asked me about whether their Wii will work. They’d tried to figure it out online, and had gotten to the point of asking me if they’d have to “chip” their Wii. :)

Anyway, I assume the component cables will work with any HDTV in europe that takes component in and will display 480p, right, which should be all of them? Or, is component cursed with the PAL/NTSC thing as well?

I told them about regions and how they’d have to get their new games when they visited the states, so I’m just trying to figure out if their existing games and wii will work over there.


Component should work the same everywhere if the TV has it, but you cannot assume this is the case. Modern HDTVs with lots of inputs also tend to have component, but the standard analog three-color input for European TVs is RGB via SCART (incompatible color format). They need to check the particular TV they’re using to see whether it has component input.

Awesome, thanks.