Wii Drive Issue? Or disc?

I’d heard that Smash Brawl had an issue with some early Wii’s, but it worked on ours. At least mostly… but now it gets a couple disc read errors before it recognizes. Oddly, it never craps out once it fires up.

Now we’ve seen the disc read error on other games once or twice. Just call Nintendo?


Thanks. All done now. Took 1 week.

Well, kudos to Nintendo. Our Wii started have disc read errors on Smash Bros. Brawl. Didn’t start until we had it a few weeks, disc didn’t seem significantly scratched, other games loaded fine. There was some sort of story about “dirty lens in disc drives” affected Brawl’s double-capacity disc, but Nintendo offered a free fix.

Customer Service was pleasant, no hold time, got the Wii back in a week, and it works fine on Brawl. We also sent the disc in, as per instructions, but that was not replaced – there’s still the same couple tiny blemishes on it.

So… is this the real story? A dirty lens? Or was there some flaw in the drive mechanism on early Wii’s (we got ours that first Christmas) ?

I guess I’m too skeptical, but it seems like a dirty lens is an odd thing to send a console in for “repairing.” Why not just send me a lens cleaning kit? If the lens really does get dirty, is this going to happen eventually to everyone? Is it going to happen to me again? Inquiring minds want to know.

Update. Checked the invoice, and they actually replaced my drive. Guess that answers that… except, is that what they’re doing for everyone with this problem?

My drive had the same problem with every disc I stuck in, it just went from perfect to every disc unreadable overnight. Nintendo was great to work with though, I got a nice lady who knew what she was doing, acted like she was there to help, and even managed to sound genuinely sympathetic that my Wii was busted. All told I had my same unit back with the drive replaced in one week total.

Oh and that extra 90 day warranty you get for registering the wii? Saved my bacon.