Wii family fun games

I’m looking for some games that will be fun for the whole family once the Wii gets here (europe)
They games should be easy to pickup and play. Plus a 5 year old will be playing and will it be fun for her?

I would like your advice on what titles to get.
I’m looking at Wii Sports of course which seems fun and comes with the Wii, so I think I’ll get that ;)

Wii play, which will be out here on launch and comes with an extra Wii remote which is handy since I want that anyway. The games seem like fun. Anyone here already got a chance to test them?

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. While Tom didn’t think it was to good, it seems there are at least some fun mini games which might be fun and having never played a monkey ball game before will make not comparing it to earlier (better?) titles very easy ;)

Are those good picks? Any other suggestions?

I don’t need Zelda, Ultimate Alliance and such. I might well get that for myself, but really looking for easy and fun family/pickup and play games here.

Your advice please!

I believe Rayman: Ravid Rabbids supports 4 people in some of it’s minigames. I haven’t played it, but I’ve only heard good things about it and hope to get it soon.


I would definitely take a look at Elebits. It’s getting great reviews and supports up to four players.

As for how much fun Wii is for younger players, not to worry. My grandkids picked up the Wiimote and jumped right in. Like nothing I have ever seen.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Elebits sounds great indeed!

Good to hear its really pick up and play. Can’t wait to see people’s reactions to the Wii!

How is Excite Truck as a family/kids game? Will not be out till February over here though :(

Not to be rude, sir, but holy shit. Props, yo.

You won’t know until you try. Here’s the bizarre thing about Wii. It reveals unexpected talents. My younger grandchild turns out to be a whiz at bowling. She’s 7. Never really bowled in her life.

If you have a child who gets completely into how the trucks respond, he/she will stun you. Or maybe you will stun yourself. ;)

(I turn out to have an unexpected gift for golf.)

Mostly, you’ll find it very hard to quit playing with Wii. It’s so easy to grasp and so gratifying when the action appears on the screen that it will keep you playing long after A.) the dog needed walkies, B.) dinner was served, C.) the sun had long dipped below the horizon.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Thanks. I figure at the moment that my internal age is roughly 1/11th my external age. And I’m about 5 inside. :)

Elebits and the new Wario game look like the next big kids/family games, and of course Wii Play.

Ok thanks for the advice!

Anyone know or the movie games like Happy Feet, Cars, Barnyard ect are any good? Since movie games are bad to very bad most of the time, I’m hesistant to buy them.

Still my kids would love the themes I think. So if the gameplay is decent…

Barnyard is getting bad reviews, Happy Feet is getting no reviews(which I took as bad) and Cars is getting middle to good reviews. The other kids game I could think of, Open Season is getting bad reviews which is too bad, my daughter loves it on the Xbox.

Ouch. Business as usual then it seems. I’ll check out Cars. We get the DvD release here on the 13th of December, so maybe that’s fun to get then.

Kids games adapted from movies are a real pet peeve of mine. I have a daughter that loves to play Xbox game, and most of the kids games are these movie adaptations. The thing is almost every one has the exact same two problems. She can play for hours and have a great time. Easy jumping puzzles, simple memorization puzzles, simple FPS stuff, etc. Then partway through the game, the dumbass developer will throw something in that blows her away. It could be a memorization puzzle that is 15 levels long(after the previous have been 5 or 6) or a horrible jumping puzzle that even takes me 5 tries to do. I’m not sure why, but every movie tie-in we’ve played has done this, I even know specifics because I’m the one that’s called on to do it.

The other problem is menus. Some of these damn games are harder to load and save a game than the worst PC or console game I’ve played. The UI designers DO NOT have children. These developers need to watch a kid play a game some time.

Why have you got your stockings up already when it like a month before it is even the first of December? The wii fit, wii play, mario cart with the steering wheel