Wii Friend Codes

Didn’t see a thread for this in the Search, so here’s a place to trade Qt3 Friend Codes for…um…I dunno, whatever good they do at this point. We can all trade Miis and populate our Wiis with eerily accurate recreations of one another, I guess.

Wii Number: 2314 0520 5630 5258

Mii Name: Keldroc

You need a 16-digit number to friend someone in the Wii? SeriouslY?

How do you find the code after you’ve made your Mii?

Go to the message board/mail area (the envelope button on the lower right) and check your address book. The number is on the cover. That’s also where you register other people’s numbers. Once you’ve registered each other, you can mail your Mii to the other person on the Mii Channel.

Here’s a poorly written description from the Nintendo boards that finally allowed me to figure it out:

Friend code to main menu click bottom right of screen wii message board, click on the aperand pencil, then address book, register, If you know anothers code pick wii if not pick others and enter an email address. Once you do this the reciver of an email gets your friend code. Then they send you an email to get there code. once you both have done that your all set.

Here’s my info:

Name: DrVital
Wii Console Number: 3362 2374 4923 5977

1308 3491 9167 9620

Mii name: Wiitta

7044 0702 4638 7470

Mii Name: nife2o4

Is anyone else feeling like they need to train and get in better shape to play Wii Sports? Boxing has left me feeling like I actually was getting punched around.


If you do share your address, make sure that you turn your Miis to “roam.” But watch out, some of mine are scary!

2669 5204 2765 9003

Mii Name: Crater

It’s annoying to have to exchange numbers, but it’s better than the DS, where you have to swap codes for every freaking game.

No equivalent of Gamer Tags? That’s unfortunate.

Mii Name: ARogan
5587 6449 9087 3150

It’d be nice if Nintendo would have DNS-like service that would allow the console nickname you set to be attached to your Wii Console Number…but that would run into usual complications of having your name already taken, screening out inappropriate names (big thing for Nintendo, I imagine), etc…Numbers are the lesser of the two evils fron Nintendo’s point of view, I think.

1660 9416 1251 9348

Mii name: leah

1435 9558 9126 1417

Mii name: Joel

4864 2374 4164 2027

2648 2413 1411 5522

Man, the Wii has the most super retarded online matchmaking since …well, since the DS.

2990 5960 7650 6732



Let’s get registering, people!

I wish. Must… find… Wii!

But have Zelda, and an extra remote, and a nunchuk on the way…

Does each Mii have their own number, or is the number associated with the console?