Wii gets HOT during standby (wiiconnect24 ON)

Anybody else notice this? Play zelda for 3 hrs and it barely gets warm. Let it sit in standby mode (yellow light) for a while and the bottom of the Wii (horizontal orientation) gets uncomfortably HOT. The top of the Wii isn’t near as warm. I’ve since switched to a vertical orientation and I’ve also gone as far as turn wiiconnect24 to OFF so when you turn off the Wii with the wiimote, the light on the console now turns red instead of yellow.

Anybody else notice this? Is this something we should be concerned with? It almost seems like when in standby the fans are off but the cpu or something is still running using quite a bit of juice. I’ll just live with wiiconnect 24 off for now and just do updates manually I guess.

The fans are off in standby, it’s one of the things they were bragging about.

It seems like vertical is the preferred configuration; I’ve never seen any pics of it in the horizontal config. Maybe try Connect24 now you’ve got it set up on its side and see if that makes a difference.

Why is this really a problem? Are you afraid of dustbunnies igniting and burning your house down? My Xbox 360 heats my room so much I need to crack windows in the winter! I still don’t refrain from using it. My computer, which is on 24/7, is so warm I don’t need a room heater under ordinary circumstances.

Aside from the heat possibly causing undue wear/shortening of life or damaging the surface it’s on/burning someone if they touch it, it’s not a big deal. I’m not saying any of that could or will happen, but it’s stuff to be concerned about unless you knew otherwise.

Well, the bottom of the Wii felt hotter than my x360 ever did or any of the four 24/7 PC’s I run. It could have been due to the horizontal orientation but still I worry about something putting out that much heat all the time.

I picked up a Psyclone Will Chill Station cooler. I’m still not sure how much it helps.

And it still gets that hot with Wii Connect OFF? If not, I would wager that’s the wireless mini card inside heating up. If you sit a laptop on your lap that’s doing nothing but is connected over wireless, after a fairly short period of time the warm spot is where the wireless controller is. Playing a game or doing a task is different, I would think that would be the CPU instead. As i understand Wii Connect 24 downloads updates during standby. Perhaps it never powers down the wireless controller.

Can you validate that with Wii Connect off it stays cooler ARogan? The Wii I gave for Christmas is kept horizontally and since it’s on Wii Connect 24 I need to let my sis know to watch out for it if so.

I can confirm that my Wii gets hot with Standby Connection on, and stays cool with Standby Connection off. The WiiConnect 24 setting doesn’t matter (it’s a different option for inscrutable reasons).

I’d like to leave Standby Connection off so that the unit stays cool, but thanks to the stupid way the Wii’s internect connectivity is designed (no manual update checks for anything but firmware) this would de facto disable much of the connectivity.

yeah it’s only with wiiconnect24 STAND BY mode turned on that it gets warm. Horizontal it will melt a hole through any device under the Wii. It’s much better in vertical position. But to get messages, weather, and I think other people’s Mii’s you need to turn stand by mode on. I slapped a killawatt device on it and I’m leaving stand by mode on all day. I’ll check tonight to see how much power it uses.

Presumably, you’re using your 360 when it’s heating your room.

I used to leave my PC on 24/7, but realized it was adding about $10/month to my electricity bill. (And heating up my apartment.) The only reason to leave it on is to protect your hard drives from spin-up damage, but they’re so cheap now that I’d rather save money on my electric bill and be less of an energy consumer.

In this case, the Wii isn’t being used. It’s an issue because heat stresses components, which does cause long-term damage. With no hard drive to worry about, I’m not sure why anyone would want to leave it on 24/7. It’s just costing money, and helping fund terrorism by consuming more electricity.

Yeah, I said it. WII=TERRORISM.

After you use it for a while, would you mind reporting back? I haven’t noticed this (but I also don’t touch my Wii) but it is concerning if it is warm.

Thermaltake Jog USB Fan With Light

  • $11 at compusa

  • snake usb led light (white) and fan. There is a switch to turn on/off the light.

  • Does a pretty good job keeping the left side (under side) of the Wii cool under stand by. Seems to work better than the Chill Station using the highly accurate hand test method.

  • Kind of ghetto looking

  • I stuck a Kill-a-Watt onto the Wii to see how much power it uses:
    standby: .18 amps, 13 w, 0.013 kw/h per hour (.2 cents per hour at 15 cents per kw/h so about a nickle a day to keep the wii in standby)
    during zelda: .27 amps, 20 w