I can’t wait to see this show up on COPS.

If you want to replace the strap, I recommend you find a fisherman.

It occurs to me that some ridiculous line, like 50lb test, along with a whipping around the strap would be pretty much final as far as breaking. A lot of fishermen may not have that strong a line (I only keep it around for non-fishing applications) but anything above 15lbs or so will be insanely strong in this application, and the monofiliment shouldn’t fray as easily as string.


Yeah, when I first saw the strap, I wondered why they hadn’t used something more like fishing line.

Here’s my prediction:

  1. Wii remote straps break all across the world creating an entire Web 2.0 site dedicated just to the videos called Wiiremotube.com

  2. An industry dedicated to creating a variety of third party unbreakable straps springs up. The straps are not breaking for anything other than some kind of hydraulic strap stress tester.

  3. People find that when the strap doesn’t break that eventually the little piece of plastic that you attach the strap to gives way after a few good stresses.

  4. Nintendo finally gets a clue and they redesign the remote and put a metal bar/plate in the bottom that spreads the stress of the launching remote out across the whole body of the unit. They also design a much sturdier strap to go along with it.

Toys break.

I would play that game.

Actually I could play that game right now, it’s called, “Whip the wiimote at the guy who is kicking your ass at tennis, thereby giving him a concussion so you win the game.”

That would rule.

Actually, not having the strap taut would only increase the chance of it breaking, were it to slip out of your hand.

Isn’t the solution some kind of stylish, padded cover for your remote?

I wonder if there is a way to get the Wiimote rubber coated? I wonder if that would help a little.

It is fishing line! When the strap broke we were looking at it and saying they needed to go with a stronger line.

It would make a better story if he’d accidentally hurled it into Tom’s 360, breaking it again.

Try harder next time!


I heard Tom’s 360 is the new drummer for Spinal Tap.

You can’t really dust for wiimote.

Wiicall time.

Someone should make a Tron game where you really do throw the Wiimotes at one another and try to deflect them with your Wiimote.

why the fuck are you doing such exaggerated motions? a simple flick of the wrist more than suffices. The double irony is that tennis skills don’t translate into Wii Tennis skills, since the only thing the game tracks is the timing of the swing for contact – there’s no control over spin or direction that isn’t utterly random.

(yes, I know what I’m setting myself up for.)

Is that true? I’m still on the hunt for the wii, but in the videos it looks as uf people are hitting lobs or smashes based on the angle of the swing.

Nope – it’s purely random. I just flick left/right and if the ball is in a position for an overhead smash, that’s the animation I get.

You can make overhand smash movements if you want, and when its appropriate, the player will animate properly. About the only thing that seems to matter is backhand/forehand swings and timing.

Its a very simplified version of tennis (all the WiiSports are) but it really helps demonstrate what the controller is at least intended to do. Newer tennis games (and golf games) will hopefully expand upon WiiSports interface and make the movements mean a lot more.

I play as if it were real tennis. I just can’t help it. I think it’s also part of the fun.