Wii Internet Channel

Yes, yes. I know. The Internet Channel is for fools.

I just pretty much use it so I can watch muddy, ugly YouTube videos on my TV rather than my laptop. The legality of uploading the entire first season of The Office to YouTube is pretty questionable on the part of the guy who did it, but it’s pretty okay for me.

What I’m wondering if anyone else has been having issues watching YouTube videos over Internet Channel since the latest update. Nothing seems to want to load all the way. Everything stops somewhere between half and three quarters of the way in. I wasn’t having any problems until I updated and I know it’s not a YouTube issue, as I can watch this stuff just fine on my PC. Which is what I’m going to end up doing.

<console wars>My PS3 shows YouTube videos just fine.</console wars>

But the Xbox 360 does not. ;)

I haven’t bothered turning on my PSP in like six months. Does its browser do Flash yet?