I’m the proud owner of a Wii U (as of last week), and I’m looking for a Wii based JRPG to play.

Any recommendations?

Xenoblade Chronicles. Seriously, dude. Don’t listen to the people in this thread who say things like Final Tornico Adelica Saga, or whatever. Just do whatever it takes to get a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles.


P.S. Also Lego City Undercover.

Yeah, I don’t think Xenoblade Chronicles can be oversold. It’s worth buying a console exclusively for that game it’s so good.

I actually did this. I intended to buy some other Wii games, but never did, and one of the Zeldas is still sitting there in shrinkwrap. I bought a European version of XC, so I had to go through this lengthy but not very challenging series of hacks to mess with the OS on my US machine to allow the game to work.

This answer is not as simple as it once was. Unless you are a savvy, patient shopper you can expect to spend over $100 for a used copy.

Urk. That is a lot. But I still think it’s a worth it. If you’re going to spend a hundred hours with a JRPG, why not buy the best hours you can?

Jupiter, since it’s not an Xbox One game, I can loan you my copy. :)


I have Lego City, which I’ve yet to start (for no good reason). I’ve heard Xenoblade is good, but I had no idea it was that good.

It can be in certain cases. I don’t want some poor PC gamer to go buy a Wii and a $100 game and expect a guaranteed all-time favorite.

But if you have the console and like JRPGs, $100 is worth the chance that it might be.

Speaking of Wii JRPGs, has anyone played The Last Story? I picked up a copy awhile back but haven’t actually sat down to play it. Any thoughts?

$29.99 at Amazon.

Man, I sooooo want to pick up a Wii just to play Xenoblade Chronicles. And why exactly isn’t Nintendo bringing this over to the Wii U? Did the game not do well here in the U.S.?

I don’t know how Xenoblade Chronicles performed, but it was an extremely limited release (only at Gamestop). I doubt it pulled big numbers if it’s already out of print.

I don’t know that I’d pay $100 for it, but it is the best JRPG I’ve played in years (and I still haven’t finished it).

As for Wii U, instead of a re-release, they’re just making another one: Project X.

I tried it, thought it was all right, though not as good (nor as epic) as Xenoblade. Then again, it’s a lot easier & cheaper to find than XC, sooo…tradeoff.

Tom, I know you are kidding about loaning out your copy. I found one friend who has a copy and he won’t let me touch it for fear of diminishing its’ resale value. I think Nintendo is right. If you don’t like used games, make games that people don’t want to sell!

I am going to let some friends borrow it first, but if the game is still relevant in 6-12 months I will offer my copy to QT3 to get passed around.

It is probably a crime, but I still have my Xenoblade copy in the original shrink wrap along with the art book at home. Every weekend it creeps along the edge of the “I really should play that” list, but ultimately I hear Tom’s warning about not starting it unless you know you are able to put a hundred hours in. So it sits. It sits until the next Saturday morning where my eyes or thoughts will pass over it many times until it is Sunday night again.

There are backlogs, and then there are those games that sit just at the edge of active play. They taunt and itch from the borders, forever about to be played. Yet they never are. Xenoblade has been that game for me.

I am in the Uk and since getting my Wii U i have been looking out for it but no luck yet.

Chaplin, for what it’s worth, I don’t see how I will need to put 100 hours into this. A lot of that time might be churning through MMO quests and collectibles and whatnot. Of course, if you’re vulnerable to those, the time risk still applies.

It seems to be a good lazy couch game for long weekend days. I still play it on my PC, but it’s almost too laid back for it.

You can get it new on Amazon.co.uk for £50.

Yeah, thats too much for me, even if it is that good. Plenty of backlog but if i see it at a reasonable price like £20 ill get it :)