Wii resolution 480p?

How is 480p over SVIDEO? My TV setup is component (RGB) and I have way too many devices connected: karaoke machine, a divx player, a dvd recorder, tivo, vcr!!, etc. I am really tempted to buy a Wii but do not want a new receiver to connect it.

My only workaround is use Svideo or composite (YUCK!). How will it look over Svideo? Decent?

svideo is always a significant improvement over composite.

Note that you will not be able to get 480p from S-video. That is only possible with component.

As stated, it will look better over S-Video but it will still be 480i - you’ll only get 480p over component. Also note that you’ll have to enable 480p resolution from the Wii settings once you’ve connected the component cables (actually, maybe not, maybe it auto-detects but check just to be sure).

Component cables for the Wii are out? I thought that wasn’t going to happen till next month?

The official Nintendo cables are not in stores until Dec 12 - the third-party cables may be out a bit sooner, but certainly not yet. Some people already have them however because they ordered them online from Nintendo ahead of time. Their online store is currently back-ordered, they’re estimating Nov 28 as the earliest shipdate for new orders.

I hope the third-party cables don’t wind up being the same junk as what we had for the GC.

A Wii would be pretty much useless to me right now - I don’t have a non-HDTV and any 480i input will lag like a mofo.

I betcha the improvement seen with the component cables would be pretty much identical with s-video. Going from composite to s-video is a major improvement, from 480i to 480p less so, since the TV will deinterlace on its own.

For those of us with microdisplays with native resolutions of 720p or 1080p the deinterlacing/scaling process introduces enough video processing latency to make some games unplayable and most games frustrating.

The picture will likely not look much different between S-Video and Component. There’s a world of difference in terms of playability though.

I guess if your TV’s scalar really, really sucks the latency could be an issue. 480i games played fine on my xbox with 1080p LCD before I got the component video adapter.

It isn’t usually the scaler that sucks - it typically is the combination of the deinterlacer and the scaler combined.

Judging from AVSForums, the number of sets which perform fine off of a 480i signal are a very small fraction of the sets in existence. Most of the 720p sets made in 2003 and 2004 particularly suffer from this, and even many 2005 models still have this problem.

You’re one of a very small percentage that owns an HDTV that doesn’t have an issue with 480i and latency.


I’m still waiting for mine to arrive.