Wii resupply - please post sightings

My girlfriend, who is a die-hard Nintendo Wiivotee but was not able to partipate in this wiikend’s camp-out-madness, is still in the hunt. While we’re hearing a lot about possible frequent and plentiful wiistockings, I’ll believe it when I wii it.

If you hear of or see any second-shipment Wiis (or, indeed, any surviving units from the initial shipment) anywhere in-store or online in the US but particularly in the SF Bay Area, please do post and let us know. Wii’ll be very grateful!

You could always give her your wii or at least let her play with it for a while.

Yeah I’m on the lookout in the Southwest Chicago suburbs. Hopefuly be able to grab one by mid December,.

I keep telling her that we have a Wii RIGHT HERE and she can play it as much as she wants, but apparently it is “not the same”. She wants her own so I am just trying to help out.

I’m looking in New Hampshire…

All sold out before noon today. Either demand was amazingly high or launch quantities were low. So much for the prediction that they would at least be available for a day or so.

So sign me up for the resupply watch.

A classic case of Wii envy.

The guys at Circuit City told me today that they had gotten six PS3s compared to the 21 Wiis. They also expected more Wiis this week.

hahahaha. It was amazing. In New Hartford, NY, the Target guy I spoke to said they had enough stock to give 2 to every person waiting outside and still have some left over. Of course, there was only like, 10 people outside, but still.

Then, we went to Best Buy, where there was a line around the outside of the building. We told a few about the Target deal, mostly those at the end of the line, and a few packed up and moved on to Target.

I wonder if anyone has camped out at EBGames in Sangertown mall… Didn’t see anyone while we were there.

Anecdotally (and not surprisingly) it looks as though Nintendo were true to their word and crushed Sony in terms of initial shipout. Either they shipped a lot more than 400K or Sony shipped a lot less. I’m guessing that they will continue to do so by keeping the market well supplied through the rest of the year while Sony struggles to trickle a few additional units onto shelves…

I’m pretty much convinced that Sony’s initial shipment was around 150-200 thousand. I don’t think it was anywhere near the 400,000 they were saying would be there. They’ve also said they won’t release any numbers so we may never really know how many they shipped.

Nintendo definitely put 400,000 or more into stores for today. I suspect they’ll ship about that many again for Black Friday.

I’m guessing that they will continue to do so by keeping the market well supplied through the rest of the year while Sony struggles to trickle a few additional units onto shelves…

I will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Sony confirms 2nd shipment arriving next week.
Sony to airlift 600k units by years end.

so basically its the 360 all over again.

we’ll see how many they actually ship, and how many get resupplied in japan. anyone heard anything about those numbers?

Yep, 360 deja vu. You can bet there will be another round of camping on Tues or whenever stores get another batch of Wiis (and same for PS3). Meh.

But going to be keeping a look out, and also would definitely appreciate any heads up on new shipments.

Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Sony achieve a healthy resupply if only to fuck the flippers, but after last year’s ongoing drama of Microsoft’s fales promises and failure regarding 360 resupply, it’s easy to take Sony’s remarkably similar claims with a pinch of salt. Especially since it’s really starting to sound as though Sony’s initial ship was fucking pathetic (150-200K?) and if anything they face even heavier manufacturing bottlenecks (Blu-Ray, Cell) than MS did a year ago.

the most telling numbers to me were EA’s estimates that were considerably lower than what sony promised. I don’t make a habit out of trusting Electronic arts, but those guys are all about making money, I’m sure they didn’t come to those numbers lightly.

also, I think the 360 lauch pretty much killed any “oh maybe they’re holding back to creat hysteria” conspiracy theories.

no, they’re shipping as many as they can make, its just not as many as you’d think they could.

It’s exactly as many as you’d think they could. People have been predicting this monumental clusterfuck for months.

true, its as many as I figured they would, but a manufacturing giant like sony, to me, should be able to do better. they make most of the important components themselves. microsoft apparently got screwed b/c they left the memory to third parties who couldn’t hit the numbers they were supposed to, but sony had to see the writing on the wall in terms of blue lasers more than a year ago, everyone knew it was going to happen.

microsoft really thought they could make more than they did, I just don’t see how sony could make the same exact mistake 12 months later.

My guess is that internally they saw the writing on the wall but refused to acknowledge it publicly because revising their numbers downward would have looked like weakness or failure. They’d probably rather have chaos in retail suburbia and people getting gunned down in the streets than admit they fucked up.

From what the people at Eb tell me, they should be restock by black friday.