Wii Sports Disc Read Problem

Well I’ve encountered a (so far) minor issue with my Wii. Probably every other time I try to start up Wii Sports I get a disc read error. If I eject the disc and hit the reset button it usually fixes the problem although sometimes I have to do this multiple times.

I haven’t noticed this with Zelda yet although I haven’t played it quite as much as Wii Sports for logistical reasons (wife hogs the TV).

Has anybody else noticed this? Hopefully I just have a sketchy Wii Sports disc.

Call Nintendo. Get a replacement now instead of waiting.

A replacement Wii or a replacement disc?

I guess that depends if Zelda’s doing the same thing or not? Have you looked at the Wii Sports disc? Is it scratched?

What about Gamecube games? Have you tried those?

Well I played Zelda for about 45 minutes and it seems perfectly fine. I’ll have to try some GC games later this week.