Wii U and Sound

Hi all, purchased a wii u today.

my PC is in the front room, I have a 23" monitor. With dvi, VGA and hdmi connections but no speakers.
I have a set of Logitech z550 5.1 speakers with centre console with optical and co axial connections that support 5.1 and dts. I plug in my ps3 and xbox360 via optical to get sound.

Now apparently the wii u doesn’t support 5.1 so I’m unsure how to get sound out of the speakers/console.

i won’t use the consoles on the tv as my wife watches tv on it so at a loss at the moment as to what to do.

I could buy a 27" monitor with speakers as well as an option but no doubt the wife would kill me after buying a Wii U as well

any thoughts or ideas.

Edit, just found a headphone socket on the side of the monitor, maybe i could use this and headphones for sound.

The headphone jack is your best option. AFAIK the WiiU is simply incapable of putting out analog sound and HDMI video at the same time. Everything goes through the HDMI or everything goes through the analog multiport.

But your monitor can hopefully pass through the stereo sound from HDMI so just plug some headphones or speakers through that.

Thanks brad, I managed to connect a soundbar to it and it works only problem is no volume control but it will do for now until I can’t get something sorted.