Wii Usage Consistent Year-Round, says Nielsen

Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere (apologies if I missed it), but it’s interesting given the anecdotal evidence everyone quotes about people not playing with their Wii, so to speak:



5 days a month? That’s hardcore!

Well, yeah, that’s not what I’ve heard, anecdotally. All of my friends and co-workers say their Wii sits under their TV gathering dust since they lost all interest in it about a month after purchase. All they talk about is whatever PS3 or XBox game they’re playing. Nobody brings up the Wii anymore.

Sure, but having an XBox or a PS3 probably makes them unrepresentative Wii owners.

In our house, I never play the Wii, but my daughter does. Nothing like every day, though; maybe a day or two a week, on average.

My kids play the Wii every day and are back on a Wii Sports kick shooting for Pro level. They sometimes play the other two but are just as likely to play the PS2 as they are the 360 or PS3.

On what planet is 5 days a month for about an hour at a time a good usage rate. Seems like that is the very definition of collecting dust.

Um… playing squash once a week for a couple of hours doesn’t mean your squash rackets are collecting dust.

Mabye, but only using that treadmill in the basement once a week is definately a pathetic waste.

I would LOVE the Wii if it had…

-A real tennis game ala Wii Sport.
-A real golf game ala Wii Sport.
-Mount and Blade.
-A Wii Fit narrator that didn’t sound like a Japanese businessman’s wet dream.

True HD support for something better than 480p.

Without a comparison to other consoles, isn’t this data relatively useless? I guess the only point is to show that it gets played just as much in March as it did in December, which is great, I guess. But the claim from critics is that the Wii doesn’t get much use overall as a console. That claim would best be countered by a comparison.

Shrug. Data like this is eye of the beholder.

I’d imagine the 360 and PS3 get considerably more use because their target demographic is a heavier user. If you’re playing the Wii a couple times per week, is that dissatisfaction or a lifestyle where you like doing other stuff?

I like to play board games and watch an occasional movie or sporting event. If I played the Wii every day, I’d be overdoing the sedentary thing.

That said, the Wii has had weak releases for the past few months. But I’ve still got Super Metroid and Super Mario RPG on virtual console to finish, so it’s alright by me. I think the hardcore gamers these days are more into a “sample a game for a week and move on” mindset.

Personally, I’m still waiting for the kickass Wii online shooter. I only need one shooter, but give me a good one. Maybe next year.

The Conduit. Published by SEGA in 2009, is probably the game you’re looking for.


The planet where everyone has one. Nintendo may be interested in seeing you play it more, but they’d rather you buy it and not use it, than not buy one at all.

Not to worry! Rumor has it the Wii HD will come out in 2011! Just have to be a little patient…

No, the definition of collecting dust is that the device isn’t used at all for months.

5 days a month could be argued to be reasonable for the expanded audience the Wii allegedly sells to: They don’t necessarily have the time to play it several days a week.

The numbers would in either case be more interesting if the distribution curve was also described.

Aren’t your co-workers programmers behind some of the most hardcore shooters in the past decade?

Not quite what they’re talking about here.

No, it’s really not. Why are the Nintendo set hyped for this generic game – it wouldn’t even pass muster in 2001, much less now.