Wii - why can't you just play a damn game?

Why is it, when i boot my Wii up, it doesn’t just start the game that is in the drive? At the very least it would be nice if this was a default option you could set, boot to menu or boot game. Its really annoying when you want to play a GC game and have to fiddle with the wiimote just to get it going.

Jesus Christ. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I hear that you then have to fiddle with the Wiimote quite a bit to actually PLAY the games, too. What a pain in the ass!

Can we just have equal opportunity mindless bitching about consoles here?

Well, I think he’s mainly miffed about the fact that the menu boots up even with GC games.

Sure we can, but if needing to press a button to start a game is a valid Wii complaint worthy of its own thread then we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel.


Who gives a fuck? It’s a barrel of shit, and anyone who has contributed really can’t whine about what they’ve started.

This coming from the man who has bitched and complained himself into totally irrelevancy on these boards.

Here’s my Wii kvetch: You can’t get out of a Gamecube game without actually getting your butt off the couch, walking all the way over to the TV, and pressing the freakin’ reset button on the Wii!

Whose idea was that? I’m guessing it’s the same dude who suggested using 12-ounce-test-line to connect the Wii-strap to the Wii-mote.


Sorry to hear you feel that way, but I think you’ll find that most of my complaints about the PS3 (I presume that’s what you’re referring to) were regarding issues substantially less trivial and of wider concern to users than the “problem” you’re complaining about.

See, that one’s a valid complaint. You can’t just press the HOME button to escape back to the Wii menu? That’s a dumb oversight.

It’s all I could come up with.

Considering the wretched state of backwards compatibility with the other systems (no carrying over saves b/w the Xbox1 and the 360, you have to buy a $15 for a memory card adapter for the PS3), I’m really happy with BC on the Wii. I can just plug in my Gamecube controllers and memory card and go. Whii!


Has anyone found a Gamecube game that doesn’t work flawlessly on the Wii yet? Would be a nice little coup if it was the only system this gen that actually delivered 100% iron-clad backcom.

Did anyone find the wii’s dick and suck it yet? Seriously, whitta is right, he speaks to the wider based of users, who just cannot stop bitching constantly about the PS3. So he’s got you there 'coder.

Having auto-insert play for the Wii games and not for gamecube is silly. Not something I’d care about, the PS2 menu always pops up on me too. However, whitta is still relevant, he has to bust into every thread about the PS3 and knock it and bust into every thread about the Wii and defend it. So that’s relevant.

15 wretched dollars! Seriously though, the PS2 save games don’t just go right on the harddrive?

All of my Gamecube games seem to be able to run in 480p on the Wii, even if they’re not listed as progressive scan capable. At least, the Wii asks me if I want to turn on progressive scan everytime I load a GC game.

Yeah, not being able to get back to the Wii menu with the Wiimote’s home button is my only complaint.

No gary, my point is that you showed up like clockwork, with even greater frequency than k0ny, to every thread that even mentioned the ps3 to bitch about it. The first chance you have to buy one, you do so. In my mind makes you opinion on everything game related pretty much irrelevant. If you buy things that you clearly hate, why should your opinions be valued at all.

Anyhow, I still would like to hear some possibly reason why nintendo deviated from 30+ years of default console behavior and not just start up a game when the console is turned on, Wii game, gamecube game, or otherwise.

I don’t hate the PS3. As stated in an earlier, detailed, post, I think it’s a very impressive piece of hardware and I am happy to own one. But there are also a lot of problems with it, with the games, and with Sony’s launch strategy so far.

As for my purchasing of a PS3 invalidating my opinion of it, perhaps you’re unaware that I still work (at least part-time) as a journalist covering the videogame industry in magazine columns and podcasts, and so it’s part of my job to try out these systems so that I can speak about them from an informed perspective. If actually acquiring and getting hands-on with these systems somehow lessens my credibility when I criticize them, all I can say is welcome to bizarro world.

It’s funny. This was the default behaviour at launch for the X360, and it was patched in one of the big seasonal updates. Now it’s an option that you can set. If there’s a game in the drive when the console is started you can choose whether or not to boot automatically to the game, or the Dashboard. I chose the Dashboard, I just prefer the extra step to initiate a game, because I’d rather boot quickly to the OS and start manually than have to cancel out of a long loading game if I want to do something else.

The DS Lite also has this setting as an option (you can choose between “Manual Mode” and “Automatic Mode” in the system settings). I can’t remember what the default was, but I’m pretty sure it was Manual Mode, which boots to the OS.

In any case, this really should be an OS option, and it surprises me that Nintendo got it right in the DS Lite and didn’t with the Wii. Are you sure there’s nothing you can change?

They do once you pony up for the memory card adapter. You can’t just plug the PS2 cards directly into the PS3, so you need the adapter to transfer your saves, at which point it will presumably be forever useless. Yet another way for Sony to wring a few bucks more out of you once you’re resigned yourself to splurging on a $600 console system.

Not that I need one, considering that my PS2 is going to remain hooked up until Sony figures out that I’d still like to be able to play Guitar Hero on their superfancy next-gen hardware.


The memory card adapter is only if you want to transport existing PS2 game saves from a memory card to the PS3, surely. If you want to create new saves in an emulated game, surely the PS3 creates some kind of virtual memory card on the hard drive? Right?

Even so, there should still have been a memory card plug on the PS3. If Nintendo can include one on their $250 system, why can’t Sony… oh fuck it, I’m sick of asking the same question over and over about each different thing that Nintendo or Microsoft got right and Sony didn’t.