Wii: WPA?

Does the Wii support WPA encryption or just WEP a la NDS?

I’ve read that WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are supported.

Yes it supports all of those. I’ve got mine set up using WPA2.

Ditto, WPA easy as you please. It does display your password as you set it up, though, so drop the blinds!

It would be nice if you could use the Wii as a hub to connect your DS to your WPA network.

Is there any easy way to input the WPA key? Mine is like 63 characters of gibberish that I don’t want to type in. With the 360 you can do that usb key thing and bring over your settings off of your PC if you are going wireless.

Hijack: I read somewhere that there is no ethernet port, and you have to connect wireless - is this true? My flat (uh, apartment) is surrounded by neighbours with poorly shielded microwaves (or who knows what), and I struggle to get a wifi connection across 10m of open air. So I would like to use a good old-fashioned bit of cat 5, if possible.

There is no ethernet port. Nintendo is releasing an Ethernet Kit, aka USB dongle, which they will be happily selling soon.

So does that mean I can connect it directily from my cable modem?

If you had the dongle, yes.