This weekend, I finally was able to find a Wii in stock. I would imagine that a lot of other people were able to do this as well, as I got mine at 9 pm on a Friday night. So heads up if you didn’t know, Wii’s seem to be easily obtainable.

My shoulder is fine, thank you.


My latest discovery on Wii has been Elebits/Eledees (depending on where you live). Rented it and it turned out great and kind of addicting.
It has a good selection of jazzy tunes and the presentation is also quite good. It’s very kid-friendly and has cuteness all over it.

This game should get more love.

Where are you guys finding them? I think I’m gonna break down this Memorial Day.

Gamestop, Madison, Westside by Target.

Metroid Prime 3 has been announced to release August 20th, hopefully those of you that want a Wii will be able to secure one at least by then.

For the love of God, can someone tell me if there is ANYTHING worth playing on that useless white piece of shit? Right now it just sits there next to my TV reminding me what a huge sucker I am.

I have finished Zelda.

EDIT: I am considering renting Red Steel, to give you a measure of my desperation.

EDIT 2: Oh, and I also vote on it sometimes. Yes, I am painfully aware of spending 250 dollars to do something that I can do for free on the internet. Alanis would call it ironic, probably. I hate her.

I think Streets of Rage 2 just hit the virtual console.

Fuck the Virtual Console. I want to play something new on the Actual Console.

Set your Xbox 360 on top of the Wii. Play games “on” your Wii!

Actually, I don’t have a 360 yet as I don’t have an HDTV. I am a smidgeon away from making the purchases, though.

Super Paper Mario is supposedly some kind of wonderful.

Rented it, got bored.

Played Super Paper Mario? Godfather and Elebits make pretty good use of the Wii control, as well.

Red Steel isn’t awful, it’s just not great. It’s relatively campy fun. It’s certainly not Far Cry Vengeance awful. I was able to get it used from someone for half price and I don’t regret it. I don’t know that I’d give it a second play through though. Mario Party comes out at the end of the month too.

Red Steel is fun, Excite Truck is fantastic, Super Monkey Ball is a disappointing sequel but still pretty fun in single player, and Rayman has some amazing rail shooter sequences in the midst of some so-so minigames.

If you don’t like the console I’m sure you can resell it easily.

I got the following. Bunch were from a bundle so don’t laugh.

Wii Sports: The only popular game. Something about the simplicity (for the two buttons is two buttons too many crowd) captivates people to jump up and down in the air when they manage to get a strike. Tennis is the best game for 4 players thought.

Trauma Center: Fun, and I killed everyone.
Warioware: Cutest game. The minigames are worth it. I haven’t finished it yet, but I suspect avid gamers can get away with renting it.

Excite Truck
Cooking Mama: “I’m not sure this is a game”
Elebits: Did not enjoy the split-screen gaming. May be better single-player.
A few more that sit unwrapped.

I actually agree. I only played Red Steel at a friends place last thanksgiving, and I expected the worst, but I adored the camp and found the mechanics quite manageable with a few minutes of practice. The swordfighting was dull, but kicking over tables, hiding in cover and zooming in on fools for the kill was visceral in a cheesy active way. The uniqueness didn’t convince me to go splurge on the game, but I’d be lying if the goofy japanese accents and comic-cut ins didn’t leave a somewhat endearing impression. To be honest, I’d have preferred playing through it over Wario Ware, which I mostly found to be dull strangely enough.

There is no reason for Wii owners not to have played Excite Truck. It’s a great adrenaline rush or big air and big speed. A very pure gaming experience.

Every visit to the game shop I eye Super Swing Golf, Rayman, and Elebits for considered purchases. I’ve staved off pulling the trigger for months, but mild interest has yet to fade.

This thread reminds me that I saw Wiis at Target last night. They are out there.

Not in England - still none sighted in the wild - my local Game store says maybe by August.

Hmmm, I went looking for one this weekend in the SF Bay Area and came up empty. The store clerks at Target and EB Games both basically laughed when we asked if they had Wii’s in stock. Nor did they hold out much hope that they’d get more in stock anytime soon. The Target clerk (who admittedly might not know anything) suggested we try back in a month.