Wii's 24 Connect: Distributed P2P?

Engadget article on the existence of Connect 24

Conspiracy theory: Nintendo is going to use this “feature” as a way to curtail bandwidth costs by using a BitTorrent-like distributed peer-to-peer system just like Blizzard has done with WoW patches and Apple is planning on doing with their software updates in 10.5.

Does anyone have a problem with this? As a big believer in the usefulness of BT, I think this is a great idea. I know from my experiences with Xbox Live’s delivery of E3 content so far this week (a great idea, btw) that it’s been ridiculously slow. This would seem to be a solution.

I dunno man - each time someone introduces something like this it becomes a QoS issue for the people forced to use it. Do you want your Wii sucking up your bandwidth while you’re surfing the internets?

It’s fine so long as I can throttle it somehow. I’m sure there are ways even if it’s not supported natively by the console.

This option, if real, would have to be controlled by the user. There are still ISPs that place hard caps on download and upload amounts – P2P apps kill people who use those services.

I have a problem with it since it wont “#&”… work on a NAT’ed network unless you open a lot of ports to the console.

And what you end up with then is sharing 3 times as much as you receive, since the majority of people with it do not know how to configure it properly and thus have no outbound at all…

That would be a serious problem for me, since I have high speed upload but only 4 gigabyte available every month (and I use about 2/3rd)

Don’t see how they could do that with so many countries still having metered net access.

Plus, it would seem to be contrary to Nintendo’s legendary desire for control over every aspect of its systems.

This is a fabulous idea if and ONLY if
a) there is a way for users to curb this for the aforementioned reasons (though maybe they should stlil have to upload while downloading, so it doesn’t end with EVERYONE turning it off and it being stupidly slow)


b) They LOWER THE MONTHLY PRICE by at least some fraction of what covers server upkeep. Switching to BT-style p2p is a great way to take the load off of your servers, but you’re putting it on your end-users. It’s really annoying when a pay service switches to this and keeps the same price per month, effectively charging you a couple bucks a month to let them use your bandwidth to distribute content.

So what’s the actual benefit to gamers for 24Connect? Is it basically XBox Live where all games are “online aware” and you have a friends list, etc? Is it just for patches as that article implies? Is it for downloading SNES games as was rumored awhile back? SCUSE MAH IGNANCE.

I realise most people don’t bother with this sort of thing, but I <3 my OpenBSD firewall box that lets me throttle whatever I want.