Wikileaks Infodump Volume 2: Various unspecified US misdeeds


Apparently, worthy of giving allies the “please don’t hate me” talk. I figured the other thread was best left as an Afghan leak specific conversation.

So, any guesses on what and who are in the documents? I could make better predictions if this was strictly Bush era activities, but I have no idea what the timeframe is.


This makes me think of that Wired article that broke the Bradley Manning thing.

Everywhere there’s a U.S. post, there’s a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed,” Manning wrote. “It’s open diplomacy. World-wide anarchy in CSV format. It’s Climategate with a global scope, and breathtaking depth. It’s beautiful, and horrifying.”
Emphasis mine.

I imagine if it is from the Manning leak then it will probably be information from the past five years or so. Just a guess though. Will be interesting to see what comes out.


That does sound very dramatic. Looks like they need to start using secret handshakes and invisible ink again.


Well, after this, I’m pretty sure Manning’s never going to see daylight again. Kid’s in his 20s. 6-7 decades in a Supermax, I imagine.


It will be kind of fun but there won’t be any serious damage done. It’s not as if even the US’s staunchest allies actually trust them. As for Greece I’m kind of hoping it will be about that operation US embassy staff was supposedly running that, with help from the cell companies, cloned and monitored the mobile phones of all of the Greek cabinet members plus some members of the opposition. The way it was swept under the rug after a couple of days with no one even bothering to come out and deny it, was hilarious.


Spreading democracy.


That is an aspect of it that I hadn’t considered lately. It’s very difficult for me to come up with a good answer to this problem. Mostly I just wish he hadn’t shot his mouth off and made his captivity an issue in the first place.


Wonder if anyone’s gonna give him a peace prize and demand that he is released on humanitarian grounds. Or do we only do that to Oriental dissidents?


Corruption charges to feature in WikiLeaks release

Classified U.S. diplomatic cables reporting corruption allegations against foreign governments and leaders are expected in official documents that WikiLeaks plans to release soon, sources said Wednesday.

The whistle-blowing website said on its Twitter feed this week its next release would be seven times larger than the collection of roughly 400,000 Pentagon reports related to the Iraq war which it made public in October.

Three sources familiar with the State Department cables held by WikiLeaks say the corruption allegations in them are major enough to cause serious embarrassment for foreign governments and politicians named in them.

They said the release was expected next week, but could come earlier.

This should be fun.


The preferred nomenclature is Asian, or possibly “inconvenient to rival sphere of influence”-an.


I hope the current Irish government gets screwed on a couple of them. It’d make it even easier to get rid of them. The problem is Ireland probably hands over Irish passports to every American spy in the world.


PLEASE let there be something which sinks the Harper government. It’s a lot to ask, I know. But still.


Oh God, I was thinking the same thing! I would like some oil sands related corruption! MAKE IT SO!


The wording was quite deliberate. “Asian” also strikes me as a funny term. That’s like putting South-Americans, Turks and Swedes under the same geographic umbrella.


Preferred nomenclature has been the delivery system for questionable corrections since 1998.


Seriously, if something leaked sinks the Harper government I will forgive the US all its sins.


Ottawa told to brace for WikiLeaks release

Oh man! It does look like it will be more from the american side of things.

We will probably find concrete evidence of the US foreign policy of political interference. We all know the US has immense clout, and some radicals around the world think they actually control the world. This will show exactly how much the foreign policy affect interior policy of the world.


You can say “East Asian” if you want to be more specific.


Slant-eyed oriental also works.


I prefer “chinks” or “gooks” myself.