Wikileaks Infodump Volume 2: Various unspecified US misdeeds


Only if his own standards are trolling. So you’ve just called him a troll.

You’re awfully poor at formal logic for a lawyer.


It was not a bad analogy. It made perfect sense.


I don’t think you understand English well enough for further deconstruction of your interpretations to be useful. It could be a function of age, unfamiliarity with the language, or arguing in bad faith, but you should consider finding people who speak your native tongue (possibly “idiot”) and sharing your valuable ideas with them.


I found this interesting.

The author was an investigative reporter (she broke the UK parliamentary expenses scandal) whom worked with Wikileaks (at one point, according to her, having a copy of the State cables before anyone else outside of Wikileaks) and who has a somewhat unique perspective on events.

(And yes, according to her, Assange tried clumsily to hit on her until she dropped the my-husband bomb. And a little after that.)


Ah yes, the toy-throwing tantrum when I refuse to give you the answer that you want. No, follow your own rules. Next!

Tim - Really, so it’s not right to blame Assange for his personal choices, which have backlashed nastily onto how many people see wikileaks? Oh please. The successors of Wikileaks may do good, but I’d not want to be associated with the origional now.


I said it was a good analogy, and it made perfect sense. Why do you think that is the same as me saying I agree with the point he was making? You seem to be getting all kinds of confused.


I think this is relevant & hasn’t been linked here yet:

tldr: AP investigation finds no-one harmed by leaked names.


Interestingly enough I don’t care who gets hurt by these documents getting released, whether that be a US diplomat or even Julian Assange himself. It is enough that that they get released and show the true face of international politics, without spin doctors putting a rosy face on the most disgusting of deeds.

“They” will destroy Assange and Private Manning but the job has been done in a sense. People who can blow whistles hopefully wont be as stupid as Manning and hopefully there will be 100 people/sites that can take the place of Wikileaks.

Maybe liars and the corrupt can be outed more easily than ever. Maybe the war criminals of the future will be brought to justice due to Wikileaks. Just like Kissinger should have been brought to justice or Cheney.

I doubt it though with the mainstream media being what it is.


The British court ruling on whether Assange can be extradited to Sweden will happen this week and the legal experts expect the extradition to be granted. What will happen to Wikileaks after that is up in the air, and it looks like the mainstream press has issues with Wikileaks as well, based on some of the quotes.


Well, it kind of depends on how far that extradition goes. It’s really hard to imagine that the momentum comes entirely from the Swedish government in this case.


So shall we all take bets on what happens next?

I’m going for extradition, then some kind of accident. Or maybe extradition, then a move by the usa to bring him to the usa, and then some kind of accident. I can’t decide which.


Except, you know, Swedish law on extradition is a LOT LOT stricter than the UK’s.


Wasn’t there some loophole though? I remember that was being talked about alot in relation to this exact case right at the begining?


Well, I remember two loopholes being discussed. One was only relevant if he was a Swedish citizen, and the other required that Australia agree (And bluntly, if your home country agrees, you’re screwed). It’s entirely possible I missed the discussion of a third loophole, though.

(It is certain that BOTH the UK and Sweden would have to agree a further extradition in the short term…)


ah yes…Australia. hmmm i wonder what type of guys he might worry about from there, maybe someone with quite a bit of influnece in america perhaps? He really is screwed(as in dead) probably.


A very interesting documentary was on channel 4(one of it’s other channels anyway) the other night. I think it was the one that Julian Assange didn’t want aired(due to some stuff around the rape allegations near the end of it i believe), but overall it covers the whole story from Manning to the New York Times and the various military murders revealed by wikileaks etc. It’s a great 70 odd mins of viewing if you can see it:

There is a version on youtube also, but i’m not sure it will be accesable in the usa(or outside the uk even) as it might be the ‘offical’ channel 4 youtube channel thing. Still it has only just aired so keep an eye out for someone putting it on youtube soon, it is quite fascinating to see how the media works etc.

A word of warning, it requires an age verification(i’m 18 thing) as it does show video footage of the reuters reporters getting murdered by the gunship and other such clips etc.


While Governments attack Wikileaks they can still have small victories.

The Walkley Awards are basically the Australian version of the Pulitzer prize, Wikileaks won “The Most Outstanding Contribution To Journalism” award, which is one of the big ones. Here is Julian giving his acceptance speech looking somewhat disheveled and weirdly having an upside down backdrop.

Our Attorney General and Prime Minister disgraced themselves badly when Wikileaks broke the diplomatic cables, with our former Prime Minister Rudd (he was removed as Prime Minister by his own party, for not being a team player) the only one to support an Australian citizen who hadn’t been convicted of a crime. I think that is why he went Gillard fairly hard.

I liked how he mentions Manning and how the US has “aggressively undermined it’s own constitution to persecute” himself and Wikileaks.



Greens Senator Scott Ludlam made an FOI application to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Attorney-General’s Department and their respective ministerial offices in December seeking documents relating to “the potential extradition or temporary surrender” of Assange to the US.

The response:


It’s been very quiet on the Assange front, so cheers for that. So do they have something to hide maybe? lol


Julian Assange asked for political asylum. In the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

You know, Ecuador. Bastion of free speech.