Wikileaks: The Guantanamo Files

The current infodump is the 779 files from 2002-2008 on people the United States has indefinitely detained in some form or another and ultimately deposited in the legal dead zone of Gitmo. I don’t think there are going to be a lot of surprises, but it’s important that this information be available as soon as possible if the country is ever to be brought to heel on this issue. Plus, you know, it might be nice if someone decided to stop holding the guys who are still there because they understand that the risk posed to the soundness of institutions and laws in the US by their continued extralegal imprisonment and almost omnipresent use of torture is every bit as real as whatever real or imagined threat they may have posed as individuals.

The NPR coverage curiously downplays the role of wikileaks in the story, at least in the radio version, and characterizes the story primarily as a NYT/NPR collaboration. It’s hard to pin down, but it seems like the NPR approach was more focusing on inconsistencies in the Obama administration’s position of only releasing people if the risk to Americans from them could be mitigated or ruled nonexistent, rather than the shoddiness of the rationales for imprisonment in the first place.

Anyway, lots of interesting details in their version overall.

Glad to see that someone is shedding some light on Gitmo. Definitely needs to be explored in detail. Couple of stories were on Google News about the staggering number of innocents rounded up, molesterated and then kept for years, possibly due to their terrifyingly capabilities in the field of small scale grocery store operation.

Hopefully next on the list of murky badness to be explored would be the shenanigans going down in Pakistan. Drone attacks, CIA agents and whatever the hell the ISI has been doing since the far side of forever; all of it needs a big ol’ expose.

It’s been pretty clear all along this has been going on, considering how they’ve failed to convict anyone detained of substantive charges, but hopefully this rubs the Obama administration’s face in it enough that he’ll actually do something about it.

I rather doubt it though. At this point I think he’s entirely on board with what’s going on.


A bloo bloo bloo.

Someone should send them a “sorry for your loss” gift basket.

Wait … the Pentagon Press Secretary sends an official tweet with a “thx” involved? Seriously? Man, I need to catch up with these kids and their lingo.

Easter is all about the suffering of innocents. BTW, how did the Gitmo detainees spend the weekend?

Kind of related:

‘UK to press Obama over British resident in Guantanamo’:

"Ministers say they will use President Barack Obama’s UK state visit to renew their appeal for the US to free the last UK resident at Guantanamo Bay.

Foreign Secretary William Hague will raise the case of Shaker Aamer with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she accompanies Mr Obama on the trip.

Mr Aamer has spent nine years in detention even though he has never been charged with any offence.

Campaigners say they now have grave concerns for his mental health.

Mr Aamer, a Saudi national who lived with his British wife and family in the UK, was cleared for release in 2007 but remains at Guantanamo.

He claims he was working for a charity in Afghanistan in 2001 when he was captured by the Northern Alliance and passed onto US forces. He was suspected of fighting for al-Qaeda.

The main allegations against him are classified, though files obtained by the website Wikileaks and published this week have revealed Mr Aamer has been considered to be a “close associate” of Osama Bin Laden and a “reported recruiter, financier, and facilitator” for al-Qaeda.

Despite the allegations, Mr Aamer has never been charged and he has been approved for release by both the Bush and Obama administrations."

Makes me glad i’m not ‘coffee coloured’ in this brave new world we are creating.