Wildfires and stuff..


That must have made for an interesting audience.


Apparently I’ve been smoking seven cigarettes per day the last few days. Thanks Obama!



Today has really helped. Strong offshore winds and even a tiny bit of rain has cleared out a ton of smoke. Breathing clean air for the first time in over a week.


Yes indeed - compare this photo I took just now to the one I took a couple days ago -


How’d you enjoy the Nicotine high? Are you addicted now?


Smoke is getting better over here, at least for the day and where did it go, sounds like the winds shifted it to the coast. Where did we plan to go… the coast. Ugh!


Thursday night in the bay was pretty horrific. Smog caused by local area fog and an intense inflow of smoke from fires throughout the northwest and BC basically caused hazardous air quality in the Bay and got to be so bad that it affected operations at SFO. Inbound overland and international flights got priority to land, meaning a lot of local domestic flights were delayed or cancelled. My flight was delayed some 2+ hours from San Diego.

Then couple that with construction in the Arrivals area and the fact that AirTran was broken, the road in front of the terminals was a huge disaster.

— Alan


This sounds ridiculous, but apparently Spokane and southern Canada have worse smoke then we do… hard to believe.


A northern wall, of FANS!



What the hell is that? A Photoshop?


Yep, for a proposed carbon capture device. But it could be used to just blow smoke back up to Canada also. :)


Heh, at the rate we’re devoting resources to climate change and anything that isn’t some CEO’s pocket, I gotta feeling they, and everyone else, will start blowing it back at us.

My real question though is do they have to be blue and is there anyway we can introduce RGB lighting because everyone knows that makes everything better.


This deserves a like.


Murrica will aim them at Canada and they will be led lit in RED WHITE AND BLUE!


Because, you know, smoke hangs close to the ground…

— Alan


The air here had become almost clear until about last Thursday or Friday when the cool down hit. Apparently with the cool down came the breezes which are now carrying the Redding fires smoke down here. I was just south of Lake Tahoe over the weekend and you can see and smell the smoke up there at 6k feet.

And my sinuses are not happy.


“They’re so similar that in May, state media outlet CCTV revealed that a third of fish that had been sold as salmon in China was in fact rainbow trout from Qinghai province.”

Funny thing is the same percentage is mislabeled in the USA:

I remember an investigation in Fulton market (NYC) where they found 25%? was a different species. This report shows 33% too.

Here’s another one from 2008 where some high school students found 23% of samples were faked.

I remember Fulton fish market mentioned… and I remember cleaning that up (mob) is what made fucking Guliani famous.


Whelp we got a new fire this holiday weekend, and it took out one of my friend’s house and her cat, sister to my remaining cat, is missing, based on the pictures, total loss. Her kitty is often outdoors, so I hope she ran someplace safe.


Just an anecdote if anyone else is interested in marine life - I get emails from the Seattle Aquariumand they sent a note about one of their sea otters who has asthma and receives treatment, and has been having flare-ups recently with the poor air quality around here with the forest fires. You can read about it and see a video of training the otter to use an inhaler here:



Animals never cease to amaze me. Just when you think you understand them they manage to intrigue you even more.