Wildfires and stuff..


As somebody who’s dealt with asthma, being able to breathe again is a powerful reward. If an animal can connect the stimulis response dots there, I’m hard pressed to think of a better motivator.


Seems like the hard part is getting the otter to stick its face in the mask. I imagine once it realizes that it breathes easier when it uses the mask, it all clicks into place.


Absolutely. The idea that “I should breathe here” means that he needs to actually think about breathing for long enough to get the dose. I could see a nebulizer working pretty easily, with a adorable tiny mask, but an inhaler? Pretty crazy.


Welp, state is in fire again. Massive one up north and two pretty big ones here down south.



That’s amazing and so cute!


This is a super serious thread, guys. Stop it with the cuteness.




I didn’t see Jeff’s reply target at first and I thought he was saying the latest deadly wildfire was cute. Ugh.

“Most destructive fire in state history.” Great…



I once threw a cigarette butt on very fresh (and very very dry!) garden mulch and it caught fire. It was really scary because the porch started to burn too.


At the beginning of this week the contents of the Recology center between SF and the populated part of Brisbane were on fire all day. In the morning one couldn’t tell where the source of the smoke was, but in the evening it was isolated to wreathing the main building at the dump.

Then two days later the smoke from the wildfires hit, and wow did it taste bad. Didn’t smell like turpentine this time. More like…some kind of acid? By Thursday morning it was inside my (Victorian) place with all the windows closed.

I WFHed Friday and had to wear my 3M particulate respirator all day that I bought a box of after the last time SF was blanketed in smoke. Works great, plus it makes my reading glasses steam up each time I breathe out and unsteam each time I breathe in, which is lots of fun. I’m always gonna have a box of 'em around from now on.


Jesus, it’s really really bad here today. It’s a sunny day and the sun is barely peeking through the smoke. The Bay Area Air Quality meter is well into the red.


I can’t wait to see what The Weather Channel does next with their 3D CGI stage. “How to survive a riot”?


Our great President has already blamed the fires on poor forestry management by the state. I guess failure to raze the forests is poor management from a fire prevention point of view.




In the intersection of Market and Noe you can see the smoke everywhere around you and in every direction. It’s an odd color — instead of the usual gray it’s “bright brown,” like a crayon color. Maybe 1 person in 5 or 6 is wearing a mask.


We are back to having smokey skies here again. You can smell the smoke, and since this is probably from the fire up north the smoke has traveled several hundred miles to get here.


Smokey as hell here in the South Bay portion of LA.


My lungs are so bad that when someone has a backyard campfire half a mile away, I can’t breathe. I cannot imagine what you all are going through.


Yeah, you can’t imagine because it’s not nearly as bad as what you go through all the time. Glad I don’t have to face the next couple of weeks with CF.

I say weeks because apparently they don’t expect to have this fire contained until 30 November.