Wildfires and stuff..


Any chance the weather helps anytime soon?


I checked, it actually could get worse as they expect high winds daily going into Tuesday.


And almost 10 days until a 40% chance of rain.


Some of the images look like something from a movie! Crazy.


I would like to report that if you wear a high-quality filter mask for more than a day it gets kind of funky


I’ve had some awful allergies the past few days here in LA. Air is just killing me.


I saw this video on Reddit. Terrifying.


Bloody hell…

I was actually wondering if she did make it out alive (obviously she did, or she could not have shared this video, but still…). Terrifying indeed…


Damn, there’s another one of a survivor that films some of his neighbors and their cars. They didn’t make it and the guy is clearly in shock. A couple hundred people still missing - what a complete mess. I hope the firefighters are able to safely contain it as soon as possible.



Just another typical LA commute.


I took the Amtrak train through that mess right after most of it was cleaned up yesterday, just a few spot fires to watch while rolling by. The train was technically delayed by it, but only by 3 minutes.

Track on fire? eh. We can make it.



That must’ve been so surreal to be driving and see that helicopter swing by.


Some good news out of a very terrible situation.

Reading about the employees and patients fleeing that fire is, well those are hard stories in general.


Why was the highway not closed? WTF? That fire was close enough to melt plastic.


Hard to believe someone could be this stupid, but then I think about the current administration.


Just look at where this tool was employed. Arizona Border Patrol.


Holy shit


Wow. That’s pretty incredible.

I keep reading about these people on the bulldozers. I want to know more about them. Was that a company, a fire department, like this is the second maybe third story I’ve read about a bulldozer coming across people who barely escaped alive.


Fires. Rain. And now mudslide warnings.