Wildfires and stuff..


Oh gosh! Where are you?


Bay Area, Concord/Walnut Creek border.

They’re taking it rather seriously, as you might imagine. We’ve had jets going overhead all day.


Is that right on Mt. Diablo? Is that John Muhr medical at the bottom? Crips, I don’t ever remember it getting that close in the '90’s


Wow. That’s close.


No, it’s not on Mt Diablo…it’s actually closer to town. Lime Ridge/Montecito and the new subdivisions out on Ygnacio Valley Rd, if you know the area. All those areas are being evacuated.


Holy crap, amazing pic at least.


I used to live on Marchbanks drive, renting a condo, so I kinda know the area (been a couple of decades now). yikes! Stay safe.


Ah, yeah, I know where that is…right near Heather Farms and the hospital.

Looks like the fire is about 80% contained at this point. It’ll have burned just over 300 acres when all’s said and done, they say.


Jeeze, that is an amazing picture, @charmtrap. That’s one of those pictures that’s so cool that most people would think it was Photoshopped!

Hope you guys stay safe and don’t have to evacuate.



Man how did I miss this thread? I just posted our near encounter with wild fires in socal in the weather thread not to long ago. Looks like many of you went through much worse.

I did spent a lot of time watching the helicopters drop down to suck up water at the only lake in the area from my house, then the large ass fixed wings flying overhead, but nothing like those amazing shots above.

Been there, done that, don’t recommend it. These days as long as my insurance didn’t try and dick me over it would just be a pain the arse as you said. When mine burned down digital photos wasn’t a thing, so we lost all of them. That’s about all we really missed, the rest was just stuff.

Well, kinda miss my old iron bed that my family brought to the west on a covered wagon. I watched it melt and fall down from the second story, surrounded by firefighters doing the same.


I would find it pretty upsetting watching firefighters melt and fall down.

Yeah, it’s just stuff in the end, but it’s your home. Sorry for your experience, that’s terrible.


Maaaaaaybe I could have made that part less ambiguous. Certainly makes for a more exciting, if horrid picture.


In addition to the California fires burning up north, about 700+ acres is now burning in Orange County/Inland Empire in the Holy Jim area.


And here we are on the East Coast, wishing we had less rain and flash floods.

My across the street neighbor has 2 pumps running 24/7 trying to keep his basement from flooding.


Maybe someone can help me here. I don’t do statistics. But are the storms, heat and fires now statistically within the norm? Or, like the rainfall here in Florida, are they unusual?


Over 1000 acres now and mandatory evacuations for some communities and campgrounds.


I just checked this, cause I was thinking it was close, and I immediately recognized the fire department the news was interviewing at. Right outside O’Neil, where we go camping. Luckily, for us anyways, it’s heading away from Orange County for now.


And then the thunderstorm / windstorm rolls through and you lose power and have to empty the wells by hand for 12 hours straight!

Haha, fuck New England, don’t miss it.


Historically it’s been difficult to prove that extreme weather is a result of AGW, but that’s starting to change as climate science evolves. It’s more probable than not that the current spate of heat waves and fires are a result of rising temps (and this is only from 1 degree, it’s gonna get a lot worse in the coming decades.)


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