Wildfires and stuff..


The Dyson has a charcoal filter and a sensor that somehow reads air quality. The larger fan didn’t but nothing an old sash and filter didnt’ fix. We’ll see if that helps. I look forward to finding out!

I did this a few times on my old escort, 2003, it was awful… It was a real pain trying to get to that thing, almost ripped my arm open. I have not even tried looking at the newer car. If it’s easy to get to… sure.


I’m hilariously inept at car maintenance and it took me maybe 20 minutes to change mine out, 19 of which were popping the glove box in and out of place while afraid I was breaking it. Worst case, check Youtube and see if it’s worth the hassle.


So when you said glove box, I had to YouTube this. The last time I changed my air filter I had to pop the hood of the car and pull out this huge boot looking thing. The air filter was like a cylinder and it was hard to get that boot in and out because I had to move all these hoses and of course had to use grubby clothing or a bare arm else it would be covered in black grime when I was done.

This glove box thing looks a lot easier!


Oh, I’m probably not being clear (again, inept) but that’s only for the cabin air filter. The engine air filter is still under the hood which it sounds like you tackled… that one I usually get suckered into every other oil change.


Yeah that’s the one. I’m thinking the other one i just have done with all the regular maintenance stuff. I should just replace this though once fire season is over, just the one.

I probably can’t emphasize enough that I know very little about cars. I know how to check oil because I had an old dodge once that I add to add it to because it had issues, and in my days, young people didn’t inherit a family SUV, you got some old car, and if you were a lady, you got one that run… the guys around me often got the you get to fix it cars. So I went from a French car that burned my legs to a Dodge that leaked oil and gathered water in one of the headlights… got good at replacing that headlight too.


Here is a picture I just took of the smoke from the SoCal fire. Much smaller than the NorCal fire but still… that doesn’t look too good for air quality…


So they caught the guy who started the Holy Jim fire here in Southern California that’s burned like 4000 acres. On another note, arson seems to be a white male crime, if I’m making a sweeping generalization.


14 cabins and only his survives… plus threats and no clothes, this seems like someone who is going to wind up somewhere for the mentally ill… you know, if we actually maintained and supported such places.


Jesus, thanks asshole.

Edit:. Just read about him. Useless, non productive leech on society. They should just lock him up forever, IMO. You know you’re a loser when your own mother has a restraining order against you.


I think a few of the fires last year (maybe the year before) were actually lit by a seasonal fire fighter hoping for work. Pretty damn crazy.

Last years Napa/Sonoma fires have been blamed on PG&E equipment failures. Us PG&E customers are now going to be asked to pay increased rates to cover those costs.


Volvo cabin air filters aren’t that easy.


More correctly, you will be asked to approve legislation to create bonds that will in essence not only bail out PG&E for the Sonoma fires but any future fires (above a certain cost IIRC).

Of which you and I will say, hell no.

— Alan


When you are dealing with a utility doesn’t the customer always end up paying for things like this somehow?

Are you talking a state bond measure on the November ballot maybe? That would definitely get voted down by me.


Not really, in the case of PG&E, unless you mean by other methods the utility makes up for it by charging you more or something (which they could I suppose). They had to pay a massive bill for San Bruno and it was anticipated they’d have to fork up a lot of money for Sonoma. They set aside a large amount for payments out of their quarterly earnings, but once estimates started hitting up to 10 times the amount they initially (publicly) estimated, they started grousing and saying that such a huge amount would wreck the company. Hence two lackeys in the state government are attempting to introduce a bill to shield PG&E.

— Alan


It’s not like PG&E is going to go belly up and close down. They will petition to raise rates, which is the only way they can pay for things. And so the consumer will end up paying for it in the end.


This is what the SoCal fires look like further south, took this at lunch. Good size fire but apparently nothing compared to what’s going on up north.


It looks like a volcano eruption to me. Pretty crazy looking.

I don’t see a big plume anymore right now but with the sun going down you can see all of Orange County is smoggy and dusky.


I was trying to capture just how low the smoke is here, not sure if it’s easy to tell or not but the sun was out here. And on a good day, I should be able to see the hills around the valley which you can’t see at all here.


Yeah, it’s hard to take good photos of the smoke when you are inside the smoke!


when it clears you should retake the photo & repost it!