Wildfires and stuff..



I have heard Steelhead as being both a trout and a fresh water Salmon. Also Kokanee is regarded as a fresh water salmon/trout.

But Rainbow Trout is not referred to anywhere as a salmon.


Competition between fire departments can create more problems.

Josephine County Commissioner Lily Morgan said she’s gotten calls from constituents unhappy about that.

“I have received complaints from citizens who chose the company they felt was best for their needs and yet they get a bill from the alternate one who got dispatched by 911 and they didn’t feel that was fair,” Morgan said.

Officials can’t force a public department on voters, who have resoundingly shot down the idea more than once over the years.

This is not my county. It’s actually north of me but still, mostly, considered local.

Here’s the problem with how these officials often approach it, way too big at once. I don’t know if it’s possible to start small but there is a habit of our officials asking for huge increases and then being shocked when they don’t pass. For instance, I think we might have a bond for schools on the local ballot soon. The cost increase for their proposed bond is $600 + for average houses which might not seem like a huge amount in some areas but the property tax in the cities float around 2-3k, that’s a huge percentage increase. They stick on the ballot; it will get voted down and then we’ll have local officials scratching their head and asking why…

I actually didn’t know the private fire fighters were in that county. My local public station is maybe a 2 minute from me. They seem nice although only one of them is certified to do car seats!


Bay Area air quality is garbage this week. I made the mistake of going to see the A’s play today. I feel like I smoked a couple packs of cigarettes at least.


The air here (Fresno) is now back to normal. Whatever brought the smoke here, prevailing winds probably, aren’t doing it now. We are back to blue skies and stars at night.

The best part is with the cool down this week I can use my whole house fan at night instead of running the A/C 24 hours a day.


A few fires were contained the past few days, in CA. Sadly no change here.


I know the big one, the one near Yosemite is still burning but I think is mostly contained. The newer one in the foothills apparently was contained earlier than hoped as well.

I am sure we got some smoke from the Redding fire but it may be going into the bay area now. This coming weekend I will be going up northeast of Sacramento and I am curious to see what it is like up there.


That’s what my filter looks like, the one I attached to my larger circular fan as suggested here. It’s been what 2 weeks. That’s in addition to the filter that’s on the central system.


Ferguson Fire in and near Yosemite is now 100% contained. The fire burning north of Yosemite is now mostly under control and Sonora Pass has reopened. But yeah, drove home from Tahoe on Saturday night and there was an amazing layer of smoke particulate and cloud hovering above part of the valley north of Sacramento and into Sonoma region making for a pretty amazing blood red sunset.

— Alan


Back at the office, here is the view from my window:

That’s South Lake Union, looking west. Can barely see the Aurora bridge on the other side of the lake. Fires from BC, California and Eastern Washington have made air quality around here roughly equivalent to that of Beijing.


ESPN showed highlites of the Mariners game last night and made a point of showing how smoky it was.

I wouldn’t think you would get smoke from California as it tends to blow south following the valley between the coast range and the sierra’s.


Currently I don’t think it’s nearly as much the California fires as much as from BC and Eastern WA, but yeah we can get smoke up from down south.


You mean this Mariners game last night? Or was I at the other one?


It’s the 30 year anniversary of the big Yellowstone fires; yesterday noted a particularly bad anniversary when fires in and around the park burned 168,000 acres in a single day (about a fifth of the total acreage burned during the outbreak) known as Black Saturday.

There are three somewhat large fires burning on the eastern edges of the Cascades in north or central Washington, one in Olympic, and one active one on the other side of Rainier. Unless weather conditions dictate otherwise I imagine the Cascades keeps most of the smoke east of the I-5 corridor unless there’s smoke filtering down from BC along the range, which would make sense. In the Bay Area for instance smoke from the Sierras or coastal ranges north of the bay may take awhile to filter south, or if high/low pressure systems settle in such a way that it’ll draw in smoke to or from a region (or heat, or both).

— Alan


I’m going to assume this is real because it came from KHQ News, according to the FB Pos, which is WA… I have not heard much about their fires other than I know they have them.


Last nights game against the Astros.


Where is that?


I’m not sure. That’s why i posted it was from FB. It’s a post about Oregon, aka usually talks about Oregon, but it references KHQ for credit for the photo which is actually a WA news site. Searching the web suggests the picture hasn’t been hoaxing the internet for years, so I think it’s real.

I picture like that is going to be floating around for years, hopefully the actual owner will clarify where that is once it makes it’s way around. KHQ is a real newsite.


KHQ is a Spokane station so I’m assuming it’s northeastern Washington someplace. There are quite a few smaller fires burning in the corner region, not sure about BC in that area.

— Alan


Yeah, I was there. The things you inhale just for a King-Felix-on-the-Iron-Throne Bobblehead at Game of Thrones night. (It was also Alice in Chains Night, as well as Korean-American Heritage Night).