Wildstar - Rollcall

All I’ve figured out at this time is the name lol.

Glix the Chua or Aurin, no idea what server, class will be Esper, Stalker or engineer.

May see what an old guild of mine is up to but I’ll probably try the server QT3 hops on.

We seem to hopping all over :)

Get it? Hopping! Hahahahahahaha!

Ahem, nevermind.

EU / Dominion / Lightbringer (EN-RP)

Would’ve been nice if it was like TSW where EU/US played together.

Falcon / Dominion not sure what sever yet, where most people go I guess

I’m Stalkchick on Mikros. Dominion, of course.


To keep up with the Dominion crowd, I rolled a Chua Spellslinger named CharlesFosterKane on Mikros.


Of course!

I will not ask what class you picked! ;)

@CF Kane

I think your name may break the forum for name length! ;)

Are you still going toe go to Stormtalon for exile toon?

Let me know if I should remove the info this server

I only had time to create my character and wont get to play until later tonight.

Name: Spect, on Mikros
Dominion Spellslinger

Names: HotteFreake, Hotfreak, Fogey
faction: Dominion
Server: Mikros (though will probably move to a PvP server at some point)

I entered Hotfreak since that is what I see as your forum name - not sure what to do with HotteFreake?

Fogey is game name, correct?

I haven’t decided which character to play yet, but I sent some invites from Fogey because he’s my highest level character. So, yeah:
Hotfreak, Fogey, Engineer, Mirkos, Dominion

Thx, for the clarification.

Servers: Mikros:Dominion and Stormtalon:Exile
Character Name: Sarael and Sarael

Probably going to main my exile character, but stormtalon has hours long queues so it’s dominion for me for now.

Server - Ascendancy EU, Dominion, Reemul (Spellslinger/ Settler)

Server: Mikros
Faction: Exile
Character: Glix (Stalker/Explorer)

My only character so far.

Edit: Well, not my first character, I have placeholders on 2 other servers while wait for the queues to settle down.

Managed a chracter on Pergo and lost connection, now its full.

I ended up on Bloodsworn, a new NA PvP server. I may switch to a more populated server, but we’ll see. Provided the queues go away…

Character #2 Is Aurin Stalker/Soldier named Glix, on Pergo.

This is my pvp toon.

Yeah, boring being the same, but this is my PvP streaming toon.

Mikros - Dominion - Scyn - Stalker

Is there an actual guild? Everyone seems pretty scattered.

Confirm the entry I made - not sure but you have two stalkers on two different servers - correct?