Will ac2 fail?

I’ve played since beta. I think this one has a legitimate chance of failing, here’s why.

  1. Chat - only works half the time I log in. This pretty much makes it impossible to play at a high level.

  2. Lag - serious lag the other quarter of the time that chat works. I’m talking 5 minutes between I send out a message and when it’s received.

  3. Server population - I play on coldeve, I’ve never seen more than 250 people on it.

  4. New content - the content that is aimed at characters my level require a good size group. I can’t talk to people to organize one, and when I can there isn’t enough people on to do it. Just as important the new area introduced in this months patch has huge lag spikes.

  5. lack of interest in new content - for those that haven’t played, the way you level at higher level’s is repeating the same major quests over and over as soon as your personal timer expires and you can. General server wide chat, which never seems to go down for some reason, on the day of the patch was interesting. Lots of groups forming for those quests, but none to go look at the new content. Literally none, I wondered around for a couple hours and saw one other person out there, who was 25 levels beneath me so me couldn’t easily help each other.

At some point a game like this has to reach a watershed point where it is no longer sustainable. The shame of it is content wise it has gotten to the point where things are interesting. There just isn’t any one to explore it with, or to talk to when you do. I’m just wondering if ac2 has hit that point already.


I’m desperate for a new MMORPG, but… sounds like AC2 isn’t it.

I think a big part of the problem with AC2 was starting with too many servers. That created an artificial scarcity of people to play with at the outset. They should have launched with half as many carebear servers, one KvK server, and Darktide.

I suspect one of the first things that we will see happen is server consolidation. It’s kind of sad that AC1 has more people online at any given time.

Maybe it will, but people thought AO would crash and burn with its horrid launch and its still going well. Go figure.

I think too that the designers of AC2 thought it might appeal to ‘Joe Everybody’ (poorer cousing of Joe Millionaire and slightly better groomed than other cousin Joe Dirt), and to capture these people, they made some decisions to dumb down the game.

While there is character development, it is severely lacking compared to UO, AO, and SB (even EQ has it beat at the high level game). With rare exception, you know exactly how mana hit points, stamina, and mana any character just by knowing their level. Also, while there are some minor differences between the races, a human tank vs. a tonk tank vs. a whatever the third race was tank played in pretty much the same manner (again, dumbed down to appeal to non-gamers). The same held true to a lesser extent to the mage classes and the archer class. Also, those three classes were about all there was for templates. Hybrids offered no unique experience (compare to EQ Bards, SB Thieves, or AO Agents) other than a diluted mix of pure classes’ strengths. Even a healer class is not viable due to the lag between damage taking affect and damage being displayed.

I DID love their vault system to explain the story behind the game and the graphics ARE fantastic, and kudos for their continued monthly updates, but I think AC2 aimed for the same crowd as Sim’s Online, and met with the same lackluster results.

Isn’t Turbine developing both the Middle Earth and D&D mmorpgs? I didn’t play either of the ACs, but wouldn’t this worry people who were expecting lots of new content on AC2?

Just seems like it might make good business sense for Turbine to decide to move their eggs to new, more high-profile baskets with cache outside the gaming community.

Bear with me here because I only played the beta for about a month… tonks? is that a new race added since retail or something?

Tonk is shortened form for Tumerok. No new races or anything like that to appease the 300 or so people still signed up for AC2.

I bought the game because people on this board thought it looked good at first. I thought it was terrible. I am looking for a DEEPER MMORPG, not a dumbed down one. I want more options, more variety, more classes, races, skills, etc. All of AC2s characters seem basically the same. There are three types: magic users, melee fighters, and range fighters. That’s about it. And your race really doesn’t matter much. They can all do the same sorts of things. I found DAoC much more compelling. But I am still looking for a game that would give the depth of something like Final Fantasy Tactics or Morrowind, where you really feel like you can make different characters and contribute to a party in a unique way.

I also found the world strangely bland. I say strangely because I have never experienced a game that felt so…empty. It was very odd. I felt like I was playing in one of those old Polygon games, where you just saw shapes every now and then on a flat plane. It isn’t really like that, but that’s how it felt.

I hear you. This bothered me more than anything else about the game. I think the class structure and the game mechanics were fine, for the most part, but the game world just felt so soulless, even with all the little Vault stories.

Bah, I think AC2 will be just as popular as the first Animal Crossing. With the added bonus of getting Tom to scream about being in hell every forty seconds.

I tried this game. I was shocked at how unpolished and not ready for retail it was. I assumed since they had experience with AC1 to call on, and because it was M$ published and thus well funded (I assumed, maybe its not) that it would be at least polished, well tested game. The glowing reviews didnt do much to dissuade me either.

The game sucked though. It was very very boring. It had some missing interface conventions, like /assist. The way loot worked was horrid, a just long enough to be annoying pause while swapping inventory slots and looting corpses. The chat was hosed. The trade skill stuff was not tuned at all. Missing drops, rare drops, lack of inventory slots, etc. The combat was more like a console/arcade game than anything like DAoC or EQ.

About the only good thing I can think of when trying to recall my experiences with it was the way you could ‘untrain’ skills that have been nerfed or just didnt pan out for you. Thats very cool and it was refreshing coming from DAoC where early on they routinely neutered skill lines and classes w/o any recourse for the players.


Actually, other than unplayable lag at times for me, the game was pretty polished. The problem was a design decision to have the game world empty for the most part. That was the boring part of the game. The game mechanics worked well, the graphics were beautiful, the vault adventures a nice touch, etc. I was bored of the game after about three months, unfortunately.

I don’t think I’ll ever play an MMOG as much as I did EQ and DAoC until someone comes up with a whole new approach to these games.


The T and the k I might understand. There’s no N in the word Tumerok at all, and I see nowhere that the O would fit in.

What idiot came up with that?


The T and the k I might understand. There’s no N in the word Tumerok at all, and I see nowhere that the O would fit in.

What idiot came up with that?[/quote]

it’s AC lore stuff. it’s like what the tumeroks call themselves or some crap, i can’t really remember now.

to Turbines credit most of the complaints against the game are being fixed, with the exception of the chat problem. The world is very much starting to feel like a live place, npc’s are being added, towns are being rebuilt, etc. It just won’t matter of there aren’t enough players still on to make it work.


The T and the k I might understand. There’s no N in the word Tumerok at all, and I see nowhere that the O would fit in.

What idiot came up with that?[/quote]

Prolly dreamt up by some RPK who is KOS to our NPK guild that is so full of 0.o that they should head back to FF on AC1.


I didnt think it was polished at all compared to its primary competition, DAoC and EQ. I realize that those games had a big headstart, but so what the burden was on them to make a good game out of the box and AC2 wasnt. Maybe its gotten better, but my trial was I think during the second month of retail and plenty hadnt been fixed.