Will It Take Off: The Next Generation

On an american DJ turntable? You gotta be kidding. Even running 72 RPM with 25% pitchshift you are still going to be cancelling out all of the lift via the tail rotor which is obviously keeping the torsional spin at zero due to the motion blur. Analysing the motion blur it is obvious that the tail rotor is spinning at a much higher rate than the main rotor, which means the main rotor would have to do some serious feathering with some serious horsepower to even begin to gain enough light to get the airframe off of the ground, and this is without running load/fuel calculations.

Clearly, Bago is underestimating the powers of the Magical Gay Turntable.

I hate you all. And no, it won’t take off, on the assumption that the turntable spins fast enough that the rotors themselves aren’t moving through the air. This of course excludes things like currents stirred up by the turntable, gnomes, elves, etc . . .


You need a Technic 1200 to get magical gay turntable powers. American DJ is just crap.

It definitely wouldn’t go anywhere if you added another turn table and a microphone. It would stay right Where It’s At.

Not as well as that last shitty meme, no.

See the thing with technics is that they have a triple bump pattern on the platter and a LED that flashes at a nice rate allowing you to see exactly how far you are diverting from the specified RPM. The lowest bumper pattern will resonate with the flashing patter and remain perfectly static at 33 rpm, but if you adjust it the flash + bump combo will show you the slippage in a visual fashion. Slow, fast, you can compensate by watching the strobe combo and using visual cues to match your bpm in addition to your ears.

I’m absolutely enthralled by this scenario.

I hate you.