Will Penicillin Clear This Up?


Fact is stranger than fiction. Don’t forget to put your pants on before getting that electronic lapdance.

What I saw the headline: [size=6]Hot laptop burns scientist’s penis[/size] I thought someone had invented some kind of new cybersex device that malfunctioned during testing.

The article really doesn’t say how he got burned; I can’t see a laptop being so hot as to burn anything – especially through pants. He must have been doing a little nude, er, “writing” on the machine.

I must say that the article goes into way too much detail about the man’s injuries. Yuck.

Well I know that over the last couple of years, a number of manufacturers including Dell have had to recall entire lines of laptops because the batteries were getting so hot that a few laptops burst into flames and melted and such. Perhaps this was a lesser variant on the same hazard.

With the right lawyer, this could be as big as when the old woman sued McDonalds for too-hot coffee burning her crotch.

Don’t make me educate everyone on that again.

I just find it weird that he could get that burned and not realize it until the next morning. Because, frankly, Mr. Happy usually lets you know when he isn’t comfortable. If he’s literally cooking, I’d expect him to yell out loud and clear.

Must be similiar to a sunburn where you don’t realize it until you look in the mirror and notice your lobsterish appearance.

Don’t make me educate everyone on that again.[/quote]

Heh, from a lawyer’s point of view, this case is, in some ways, easier than the McDonald’s one. The ordinary person should know and expect to be burned by hot coffee. I don’t think you can say the same for a computer. On the other hand, as noted in this thread, how long did it take this guy to realize that his Johnson needed some Johnson & Johnson’s?

I’ve heard that some compulsive gamblers will ignore the need to go the bathroom to the point that they’ll actually wet themselves sitting at the slot machine or table. I’ve known gamers who have also fought the urge valiantly, but not, to my knowledge, to that extreme. I wonder if there’s some sort of similar geek thing about ignoring pain?


Oh wait, wrong topic. Never mind.

When I was younger I pulled the cigarette lighter out in my dad’s car? It was not glowing red so I stuck my finger in there. I guess to see if it was still warm. I had a burn of several semi-circles on my index finger for a couple of weeks.

They should label those things, "Just because this lighter is not red does not mean it is not still hot and capable of burning stupid children."

I think I would like to sue.

Hmmm… I always imagined Sparky being a little taller (and less fowl).

I did the exact same thing when I was little. I wonder how common this is?


I did the exact same thing when I was little. I wonder how common this is?[/quote]

As did I. It’s not like anyone ever explains what the hell it is to you…

It’s not glowing red, so it follows that it is not hot. Makes sense to me. I was so embarrassed at the time because I must have been old enough to know better, I clammed up, and my Mom nor Dad ever knew. So no one ever explained why it was that it was not red and still capable of blistering human flesh. Hmmmm, I wonder if they’ve changed those things. Hold on, I am going out to the car and I will let you know.

Okay, add me to the “I burned myself as a child on the cigarette lighter” club. I stuck it on my arm, if I recall correctly, rather than my finger, though.

Yeah, that sucked.

I thought we were dumb kids. The fingers one thing, but on your arm. That’s just plain crazy and maybe a little sadistic. :wink:

Embarrassingly enough, I did this exact same thing four weeks ago, only I’m 29 and it was my own car.

I should have gone to get my license renewed. The concentric circles on my thumb would have really screwed with their fingerprint scanner.

The fingers one thing, but on your arm. That’s just plain crazy and maybe a little sadistic.

Well, hey – that’s me.

I never stuck my finger into a lighter, but I’ve had weird ass things happen to me as a kid. I had two, see that, -two- flying rocks hit me in the head. Literally, one came out of mid-air, and the other was a misthrow by a friend when we were taking potshots at passing cars.

I’ve also ran over, and been run over, by a golf cart. Talk about fun. Especially when you’re 10 and run over your dad by accident. I forget who ran me over, but man, it wasn’t fun.