Will PS3 support PS2 controllers?

Is it going to have ports for the PS2 controllers? If not games like Guitar Hero aren’t exactly going to be supported via BC. USB adapter maybe?

I’d doubt it. There’s no incentive for Sony (or Microsoft or Nintento) to allow you to use your old accessories.

How about the incentive of wanting to keep you as a customer?

Too hard for the market impact, I would guess.

I’d be really surprised if they didn’t allow for it in some way, though it is more likely to be an addon accesory for the PS3 rather than built into it. There are already many PS2->USB adapters available to allow you to use your dual shock or other PS2 controllers on a PC, it’d be nice if those Just Worked with the PS3, though I wouldn’t bet on it.

I’m sure this will all be figured out within the years between PS3’s release and when I buy one (if I ever do) because OMG EXPENSIVE!

How about the incentive of wanting to keep you as a customer?

Yeah, because that’s totally a huge influence on the purchase decision.

Well, you can plug a PS1 controller into a PS2, right? So what’s the difference? Sony is pretty good at keeping things standard, to help promote cross merchandizing (of their products, that is) and keep their older software/accessories viable. I assume the GH controller plugs into the standard PS2 port?

The PS3 uses USB connectors for its controller ports, so they just won’t fit. Sony is clearly pretty big on backwards compatibility though, which is why I mentioned I’d be surprised if they don’t offer some method of doing this, it just might cost a bit extra.

If the main reason they dropped Dual Shock support was that lawsuit, wouldnt it be illegal for them to let this happen?

(Well, I suppose they can just disable the Dual Shock…)

I guess the HDD will cover memory cards, but what about my badass SOTN save file? ALLUCARD HAS EVERYTHING!!!