Will someone please courrier a clue stick to Hollywood?


If you are going to make movie games, could you at least get a director that might actually have a clue?

Yeah … that’ll happen …

While I agree with Uwe Boll not being a great director, I believe any director with a clue wouldn’t touch this film with a 10’ pole.

Um… that’s not quite Hollywood there.

Twenty-five million is a low-budget film. Think Wing Commander. You’re not going to get a hot director to do a movie based on a game with that kind of budget.

I don’t understand why they even want to make a movie based on a game anyway? Why not make an original film and sell the game rights? I like games but I’m disinclined to see a movie based on a game. My reaction is that the movie’s going to be crap.

Oh, and I think Hollywood does have a clue when it comes to making movies from games – don’t spend a lot.

Well, from what I’ve gathered House of the Dead raked in $10 million at the box office, cost $12 million to make and that without factoring in the theatre’s cut. So, they lost a fair bit on HotD, but are still willing to fund him on this and other game movies - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0093051/

So, I think the clue factor is pretty low.

$10 million at the box office doesn’t take into account a lot more revenue from video and cable/TV. They’ll end up more than breaking even on that film.


It’ll make twice that on DVD though Dave. Putting House of the Dead in theaters was a risk that didn’t pan out (in fact, I bet the ONLY reason it had a theatrical run was because it was based on a video game), but c-movie schlock has legs in the video/DVD market. Ever walk in and notice they suddenly have a movie about every freaking Serial Killer that ever lived? Oh and Octopus IV. Never heard of Octopus 1-3 but why not Octopus IV. Anyway, my point is these guys aren’t interested in art.

Hollwood doesn’t play “pass the clue stick”. The name of their game is “follow the leader”.

The truth is, that as crappy as these movies might be, Uwe isn’t going to end up making them all, and his interest is going to generally increase the number of games that do come to the screen.

He’s mainstreaming games into film, and my guess is that he’ll ultimately make some money doing it.

As for the box office of “House of the Dead”, who cares? At $10M he’ll make all that back and more on international and DVDs. Now he’s adding B-List stars to his films, and he’ll make even more.

Your Cinematic Power Pill

According to IMDb, Boll is also going to direct Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne.

Personally I found Barschel - Mord in Genf? (1993) to be a scintillating masterpiece. Of course, I was watching it in French with Spanish subtitles, so something may have been lost in the translation. Then of course, there’s the unforgettable Das Erste Semester, starting the irrepressible Radost Bokel, whom we know from such art house classics as Bitte laßt die Blumen leben and Tatort - Herzversagen.

This post is in dire need of a “irony!”/“non-irony!” disclaimer. Whichever it needs. :D

edit: OK, after second thought - irony it is. I think I’m slower than Homer.

… the hell?!

I must have missed the zombies in the demo.

Director-producer Uwe Boll will turn German game developer Crytek’s first-person shooter PC game “Far Cry” into a $25 million horror movie

Exactly, Duality. I saw this in the press release and thought, ‘Hey, frickin’ spoiler!’.