Will this Xbox One controller connect via USB to PC?


I’m referring to the newer one with the 3.5 mm jack: https://smile.amazon.com/Xbox-Wireless-Controller-Black-one/dp/B01LPZM7VI/ref=sr_1_2?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1509049559&sr=1-2&keywords=xbox%2Bone%2Bcontroller%2Bpc%2Bwith%2B3.5%2Bmm%2Bjack&th=1

Is it just a bog standard USB C USB Micro B socket on the controller end, like the one for the Steam controller, the Nexus 7, the Kindle Paperwhite, etc., and does that power the controller while connected with any compatible cable?


It’s a USB micro connector, not a USB-C. Pretty sure it comes with a cable, but should work with any.

The white controllers are pretty nice.


Yep, it’ll connect via micro usb cable. Or Bluetooth.


Thanks for the replies, guys (and the correction-- the connector is called a USB micro type B–TheMoreYouKnow.gif).

I’ve got a couple of wired 360 controllers and love them to death but they’re not going to last forever.


I actually only keep the cable plugged in when the controller is not in use to keep the batteries fresh - I connect the XBO controller to my PC via bluetooth for actual gaming, it works really well.


Yeah, it works fine. I use it wirelessly with my PC using the dongle, but I plug it in to my Steamlink to turn that on.


What are you basing this on? Just basic universal entropy? I personally haven’t seen any evidence that the wired 360 controller I bought in 2006 isn’t going to last forever. It’s the most reliable and trouble-free controller I’ve ever had.


Yeah, basically that, I guess. And even if they hold up physically, who knows how long Microsoft and game publishers will keep supporting them in Windows.


Reviving this to mention that it’s on sale at Amazon for 39.99. Doesn’t appear to come with a dongle though for the Bluetooth connection on the (desktop) PC side. Will the one for the Steam Link work?