Will We Ever Go Down From Orange?

I do a ton of flying, and the one thing that just bugs me is the automated announcements every 5 minutes at the airport that tell us that we’re at threat level orange. We’ve been at threat level orange pretty much nonstop since 9/11, save for a handful of times we’ve gone to red. So, seriously, what’s the point? It’s pretty much safe to say that we’ll never, ever get to green. At least, not the way we currently define the scale.

So why can’t we just come to grips with the fact that everyday life requires some vigilance, and admit that orange is the new green, and just call it green? Orange has lost all meaning at this point.

You know, I really hope the first thing the next President does is discontinue that retarded system entirely.

It will be interesting to see if the threat level goes to red during the general election.

I’m pretty sure we’ve been at Yellow before, but if there’s one thing that’s bugged me about the whole system is that you can bet we’ll never see Green, and even Blue is doubtful. What bureaucrat in his/her right mind would lower it so far with even an infinitesimal risk that there’d be an attack that they had no idea about?

Exactly, a Neocon tool used to scare the populace into submission.

I promise you, gentlemen, that if I am elected we will most certainly go down on Orange.

Just a small correction, but we are actually at level yellow right now, and we’ve only gone up to red once, and orange five times. It’s an exceptionally stupid system, though, so no argument from me about getting rid of it.

Edit: OK, I guess we are at orange for commercial flights. What a stupid, stupid system.

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There’s nothing stupid about the system at all. It does exactly what it was designed to do, although that has nothing to do with security.

I think it went to Orange after the Bhutto assassination actually. At least it seemed like that, based on airports I was in and when the announcements that they had gone up to orange started.

It’s gone up and down several times, actually.

the use
of terror alerts
for political purposes.

We will no longer be orange when the world is no longer brown.

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If we get rid of all the white (pink/whatever) people, will the world be mostly brown or yellow or black? (or fuschia).