Will Wright Spore interview


It’s quite long, and goes into some stuff that other game-focused interviews wouldn’t. Really looking forward to it. Also, the screenshots there are new to me, and I really love how planets look.
I hope the sys-specs aren’t too heavy for laptop-gaming.

Wow, very good interview. Lots of interesting stuff that’s not necessarily about the game.

Also I like how he casually mentions that the Spore team is 1/3 the size of the Godfather team.

Yeah it was a good read - i’ve not played the Sims ever(I kinda liked the ‘creatures’ games and did play ‘little computer people’ back in the day) but when i heard about Spore it did capture my imagination.

I know it’s tricky because of the context of the interview, but the only part i disagreed with was his comment:

‘That’s a huge problem because what we’re doing is closing the door to new players. We’re seeing that with these forty and fifty hour games. Where most people would be more than happy to buy a game for $30 bucks and play it for five hours if they could play it all the way through and it was an entertaining experience.’

I’m not ‘hard core’ in the sense i dont do MMO’s/online games, but one feature i always like about a game is if it offers me a good long-term challange. And not talking difficulty level here, just good value in the hours per buck equation.

Infact if a game is a short gameplay experience i probably won’t buy it. I don’t agree that the ‘average’ person is happy with less hours per game - i think 99% of the time in this age of gaming they just dont often get a choice(one of the trade-offs for next gen graphics?).
Part of whats happend as the industry has matured and big business has got more involved in the process. I think we should still offer the gamer a game they can sink their teeth into and put lots of hours into it if they so wish - some of my best gaming has come from titles that have let me do this.

So i really hope this won’t mean i can play through Spore over a weekend of gaming!? The interview kinda says this wont be the case, but still those kind of comments did make me raise an eye brow.

It looks awesome!

I am looking forward to the mod that lets us play the entire game on Bender’s torso! ;)

THANK YOU. Totalmente de acuerdo.

Okay, but you’re hardcore in the sense that you’re the guy with 5 or 6 PCs, including one that is a snapshot of a 1996 windows box so you can play Daggerfall until your eyes explode and dribble down your face like fried eggs.

I don’t think you’re the typical player Mr Wright was referring to, and you may be dissapointed if you expect every game to keep you entertained as long as Daggerfall has :)

Man, I hope this game lives up to it’s promises. I want to evolve a race of Great Old Ones to enslave the universe and bend it to my will. At least until someone evolves a race of Elder Gods to banish and imprison me.

lol! dont dis the ‘snapshot 96 PC’ to play Daggerfall(amongst many others!) until you’ve tried it yourself good sir! ;)

And i only have 3.5 pc’s(plus a handfull of console/handhelds) - the main reason this has happened is that over the years i’ve started to drift into development of games, and more PC’s help in this respect. But really i’m not a hardcore gamer - you wont ever find me on live fraggin with the best of them for example(it takes up too much time for one thing). I’m probably not the typical gamer either though, but i do like quality in my gaming experience.

I am quite excited about Spore - an all too rare feeling for a game i find these days, so that’s a nice surprise; and i hope for all the non typical gamers out there we will see one of those rare gems of gaming. It’s sad i have to maintain my ‘retro 96’ pc to ensure i get to regularly play games of that type imho.

I’m too excited about Spore. I’m avoiding reading more about it so I won’t burst ;)
It’s a day-one purchase for me, and maybe they’ll have proper digital download
the year Spore is released.

I agree and want to take it a step further. The idea that any person wants a short game is a myth. If the game is good, then people will find time to play it. Furthermore, the majority of gamers are on budget and have to make decisions taking into account how long a game will last them. I know I do a gaming hour per dollar calculation every time I consider purchasing a game. And before I started reading reviews, I found myself avoiding FPS and Adventure and getting RPGs or Strategy instead as those genres seemed to last longer.

It’ll be sweet when those Console versions come out…

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn’t end up like the movies for me. The movies was my most wanted game for the year before it came out. Played it for a week and never looked at it again. I would love to see the creature editor released as a demo before the game came out.

Taking your “logic” and basing it on sales by game category, it seems most people disagree with you.

I think there is a place for both, but my time is more important than the price of a game. I would much prefer to spend my time with a filled 6-10 hour experience than have it drag on for 20-30 hours just to get “my money’s worth”


I can’t be the only person on earth who doesn’t see the big deal about this game, can I? It’s a toy, not a game. There is no challenge.

I think there was talk about turning it into a nation versus nation game once
you had evolved some species…so there would be challenge then. Dunno if all
the crazy ideas will make it to the final product, though. XBox Live games have
more success at online features than the promised ones in Black & White, for
example. Stuck in single-player? Invite someone for the tricky part, continue
with co-op if you like.

If Spore manages to have a persistent world of that sort, where each player has
their own little piece of the world, and optional conflict between players, it’s
going to be great. I’d still enjoy a single-player evolution sim, though.

I wasn’t dissing, mate - I keep a similarly configured machine around to play the Thief series :)

I’m pained by the thought that, one day, the components will fail and I’ll never again be able to tread the gloomy hallways of Shoalsgate.

I’m tired of reading about Spore. It’s time to play Spore.

Ok my defensive nature got the better of me - i get laughed at alot for keeping and old PC and playing old games, the kids just dont get it ;) And Thief is still a cracking game for sure.

Yep - i’m really keeping my fingers crossed over this one, my shaky faith in mainstream PC gaming hopes it will be as interesting as it sounds. We need a ray of hope imho.

Yes i agree there should be a place for both types - my main concern is that often from the developer you hear the phrase ‘I don’t have time to play a long involved game’ - and we have been seeing a decline in the proportion of games you can invest lots of time in. I think a dev/reviewer should keep in mind they are not just making games for themselves, or thats it’s about finding it hard work to play all the games they have to reiview.

I think this is directly related to the rise of console gaming for the most part(in the busines sense and in the hardware 3D bias sense). And the effect that has had is that the sales you talk about has become firmly aimed at the casual console gamer - the guys with their PS2’s etc(12-20 ish age group) who like to play games, but are not the same people who really follow gaming. Tell them with a TV advert your game is great and they will buy it, even if it sucks.
But yeah we should have a variety of mainstream supported game types(short one plays+long replayable ones). Things are currently too focused on the former imho.

I think your dismissing of console gamers says enough about your position to make it meaningless to discuss further. Really. The console gamer sucks argument was cool 15 years ago, it just doesn’t make sense anymore and if you invest that much in dismissing console gamers as not being a real gamer like you? You might want to get out more. QT3 is a horrible representation of the average gamer, and you are the extreme for even here.

The killer is Mr. Miyamoto in the living room with the console