Will Wright Spore video from GDC

…and the sarcasm just went right over DeepT’s head.

In other news, Tom Chick says that Spore is fun and vows to use that word atleast twenty times in his review of the game which, sources tell me, will recieve a score of 11.3 on the 7-9 scale in a coming issue of CGW.

Whats interesting is that he said that you get content form other players. Maybe the game downloads stuff from other ppl or something.
It would be cool if you develop your creature on one planet and when you start space travel, other planets are actually other ppl plantes on their on computers.

Especially if it’s my planet, ruled by the Hypermultiphallians.

I’m pretty sure he said just that in the video. You don’t directly interact with other players, so the planets you visit aren’t actually their planets in realtime, but the buildings, creatures, etc. will be the ones they designed.

I suppose the question is how good the 4x part of the game will be. Will other alines just stay on thier planets until you visit them or might an invasion fleet show up?

We all know this is crying out for a MMO version, minus ability to destory planets :)


I love the use of procedural content generation. It’s been a wonderful way to create content, without creating content, going all the way back to the days of Nethack. For one thing, you don’t need an immense staff of designers and artists working overtime to give a game replay value; look at what Diablo’s been able to do. (granted, Diablo’s just a pretty, simplified version of nethack)

The lack of detail beyond what we already know is very frustraiting.

Fucking amazing.

I don’t have sound on this system, so I couldn’t help but mentally insert the hovercar sound from The Jetsons whenever the UFO was flying around.

I do wonder how much game will exist outside the editor…

Not much, in my opinion. There was some discussion about this previously, and it does seem as if the editor and some technical tricks to accommodate user-created creatures in the game are the main attraction. There’s little gameplay to speak of.

It seems to be a toy, not a game. IE: Like Sim city, or the Sims.

Well I loved Sim City 2000. Anyway, considering how long people spend in the GalCiv2 ship editor, I’d say there’s a big market for designing something and actually seeing it in action, especially in a much bigger way than GalCiv2.

Whether it’s a toy or a game, as long as my creatures can have tentacles I am sold.

Best. Post. Ever.

Yeah, the Sims is just an editor you screw around with. I’ll be perfectly content with that, since it looks like it’s done really well.