Will Wright's Hivemind

It appears we’ll be getting nothing from Will Wright’s startup company except for court documents.

In the filing, Ansari alleged that John Riccitiello, chief executive of EA, verbally committed to investing $5 million in Hivemind. However, Wright was worried this would affect EA’s relationship with Stupid Fun Club as a result, it stated.

Late last year, Wright and Parekh then tried to shut down Hivemind and claim the intellectual property for Stupid Fun Club, the filing alleged. It also stated that social games giant Zynga was in talks to acquire Hivemind, with a deal valued at $75 million.

Wright and Parekh resigned in December, and allege that no deals for Hivemind were in place at all. Ansari was a poor employee, says the countersuit, and was unable to do basic tasks, even accusing him of trying to smear Wright’s reputation.

“It didn’t work out at all,” Wright explained. “Hivemind is still a company. But it has no money. No nothing. It’s just sitting there because of the litigation. It is frozen. It’s so complex and there’s quite a bit of disappointment.”

“It’s a shame this didn’t work out,” he continued. “We have to find out where this is going in the near term.”

Will Wright seems to do best when left alone with a computer.

I would think a person with his reputation and following could do extremely well with crowd funding.

Kickstart a ‘real’ version of Spore, maybe?

Sad to see a project from someone as bright and experienced as Wright go up in smoke.

That particular ship sailed a long, long time ago. Accomplished as Mr. Wright is, he pissed away far too much goodwill with Spore.

He probably could Kickstart “Will Wright’s Simulation Game” and bring in a few million.


Control an artificial Will Smith down to the molecular level! Control hormone levels, increase cellular salinity, and dispose of waste products in order to allow the game-developer mastermind to accomplish his work each day!

West Philadelphia, born and raised.

Wait – Will Smith? Gettin’ Jiggy With It? Do you have to manage your harem of Dominican Women With Cinnamon Tans?

A) That’s a much better game idea

B) No idea how that typo snuck in there. Other than my secret, shameful lust for Will Smith.

SimWillSmith: I’m there, although I’ll be definitely be skipping the Wild Wild West DLC

Madness; it’s the only blockbuster steampunk film ever released (well, okay, parts of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen come close) and it stars the deliciously hateable Kenneth Branaugh as the villain–dude played Professor Lockhart perfectly in HP2 :).

Neither of those things are reccomendations, really, as much as trivia. It’s like the worst movie ever. I don’t get why people give it a pass just because of the aesthetic it chose to rip off.

Someone mentions League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the post above and you’re really going to call out Wild Wild West as the worst movie ever?


God League was a disappointment.

Watch 'em back to back, League first. You’ll be singing WWW’s praises to the Lord by the end ;)

Man, I have gotten this really off-track.

Ok: Will Wright + Will Smith buddy movie called, say, “Bad Boys 3,” turned into a Facebook game.

I’m listening, but what’s the DLC gameplan looking like?

Randy McQuaid would be involved somehow, likely flying a crop duster.

I’m thinking you’ll design the Miami sewer system in the add-on, and your success will allow Will and Will to use the sewer to take down cyber criminals.

ANYWAY, the takeaway here seems to be that Will is not the best businessman in the world. Hiring some guy as CEO who utterly fails on all fronts, then who turns around and sues you for firing him? That’s, like, the most basic C-level fuckup: hiring a bozo CEO. Doesn’t bode well for Will’s other future business dealings.