Will Wright's word soup

Title Will Wright's word soup
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When January 5, 2012

Far be it from me to question the genius of Will Wright. The guy has more insight into the art of game design in his little finger than I have in my twenty years of leveling up clerics, Forza cars, and FAMASes..

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I don't know what's worse. That he speaks as so and it seems to be ok with people, or that I think I understand what he's talking about.

It's part of the new paradigm, a synergy between media and reality, thus making an alternate reality in the new conceptual zeitgeist of--

Oh christ even I can't keep it up.

Will Wright presents: Bullshit! (Q4 2012)

Dear Tom's Cat,

You know when the big meatbag called "Tom" gives you milk, or water, it's cold? Ok, well imagine that water getting colder and colder, until it's so cold that the water turns to ice. Ok, now imagine that ice getting colder and colder until it's so cold that it reaches absolute zero, the absolute coldest point on the Kelvin scale. At this point, there would be no randomness in your very cold ice. That's the third law of thermodynamics, that perfect crystals have zero entropy (randomness) at absolute zero (zero degrees Kelvin).

Now, the second law of thermodynamics makes it impossible for your ice to get to absolute zero, but you get the point.

By the way, Tom seriously underplays your ability to understand the fundamental building blocks of our universe. You may want to have a chat with him about that. Pooping in his shoe might also work.


Right, because people don't already offer up far too much of their personal information and digital habits already. I'm sure this has the potential to earn a lot of money, but I'd feel really dirty about doing it.

I love Will Wright. But what Will Wright seems to be talking about sounds absolutely hideous. And it proves the hideousness of the concept by the hideousness of the words he uses to describe it. Can I not turn everyday life into ANYthing, please? It would be nice to have some everyday life left.

I didn't realize until I saw a bit about this that Will Wright had become a full-bore gamificationist.

Will Wright's The Matrix (alpha build 0.1): Real life is dull, so we'll make it a game.

If I understand what he is proposing, it is a repugnant idea.

isn't that the whole premise of the Jane McGonigal stuff?

So I woke up this morning and there were catfood kibbles on the kitchen floor arranged like algebra equations. Crazy!

Yeah, and Jane McGonigal is trying to make repugnant ideas sound wonderful.

He already lost me with Spore. What a bore...zzz

I was going to say: what Will Wright described when originally talking about Spore, and what Spore actually was, were so disparate as to be almost completely unrelated. So I'm just gonna tune him out on this one until it's done, and if the finished product hits a sweet spot for me, awesome.

"designed to turn a gamer’s everyday life into part of the interactive experience"

It's not enough for Will that his games are a major part of so many people's lives. Now their lives must become part of the game. He wants to make us the Borg.

Can't we please, please keep real life free as the soothing antidote from the grim monotony of my gaming "life" that I thankfully pay my monthly subscription fee for?