Will you download and play the new Diablo Mobile Game?

Regardless of whether you’re disappointed with today’s Diablo Mobile reveal, do you still think you’ll try it out?

This poll is based on the Diablo game discussed in this thread:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’ll decide after I hear more

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I’m inclined to say yes out of curiosity, but it probably depends on the price.

A real time game on a touchscreen? FUCK no.

the price will be the small cost of… your soul…

No. If I spent more time commuting I’d seriously consider it though. But as it is when I want to game I’m always in the front of either my monitor or a tv, so the choice was pretty much made for me.

If I wanted to play a Diablo mobile game, I’d buy the Switch version of Diablo 3 instead of whatever money vacuum this is.

If it’s free my curiosity might get the better of me, but no, I seriously doubt I will want to play it. I don’t like virtual joysticks in mobile games, and I’ll shortly have the Switch version of D3 which is a far more suitable device to play Diablo on. Besides, what are the chances it’s not going to be your standard mobile grind-fest coupled with microtransactions?

I just don’t care about Diablo, so… no.

Who are those people who play on a touch screen using virtual pads?!?!

Monsters. They are monsters.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. As smooth as trying to shave with a lawnmower. Everything shiny has a market I guess.

Yes because I have the insane hope of a trip back memory lane. Imagine playing Diablo all over again…

I really dislike “action” games on phones or pads. I gravitate towards turn based, or minimal clicking/interaction games.

I said no, because even if I download and play it out of curiosity, I’m very certain I won’t play it more than a few minutes and then uninstall it. I just don’t like action games on phones/ipads all that much. Stuff like Alto is an exception, but those games are very simple and easy to learn/play, this looks quite complex in terms of controls and accuracy required. I can barely touch the “send” button on a text message, let alone touch a moving enemy on the screen.

No thanks. I’ve played a few of these ARPG-ish games on mobile. It’s just not for me.

This and this. I’d be way more likely to bite if it was turn based.

If it’s free I’ll give it a look out of morbid curiosity, but my phone gaming consists of Picross. This isn’t something I’m interested in.

Apparently I’m in the minority, but I don’t find the “analog pad on the left, buttons on the right” control setup to be that obnoxious at all. It’s used in Arena of Valor, and I think that game controls great.

A bigger issue for me is that these 3d action games are just brutal on battery life. Still gonna try it though.

Oh shit, my phone gaming should consist of Picross. I’ma have to remedy that soon.

So, it doesn’t explicitly follow Picross rules (tbh I wonder if the change was to make it play better on mobile) but Hungry Cat Picross is great. First one I’ve tried on phone where the controls didn’t drive me away and there’s a boatload of puzzles with 9 new ones added every week. I was happy to give them my $5 to remove ads.