Will you download and play the new Diablo Mobile Game?

Hungry Cat Picross is the best, this side of Picross 3D-less world.

Eh, I wasn’t really using it anyway.

Nope. It looks like any other mobile arpg. it isn’t even being developed by blizzard. it looks like a diablo skin put on a generic arpg base.

Paint It Back is pretty great too.

So very much this.

I still haven’t played Diablo 3, so it isn’t one of my gaming priorities…

Nah, mobile gaming outside of the odd puzzle/quickly played jewels type thing isn’t for me.

So much accuracy in this thread.

Just put it on PC where games like this are playable. Go ahead and wall off the two playerbases, though, since the mobile gamers would get hilariously outperformed :)

It’s sad. I miss being able to look forward to new Blizzard games :(