Willamette Oregon wine day


I’m going to be in the Salem, OR area on March 27 and 28 (Fri-Sat) and whenever there I try to take a trip to the nearby Willamette Valley and get all liquored up, or at least buy a bunch of good wine and take pictures. So anyone up for a west Oregon meet-and-greet/wine tour?

Alternately, anyone have any favorite wineries in the region that I should check out? Grenz?

East Oregon?

My wife and I spent a great weekend winery touring a couple of years ago. We signed up for a package deal with McMinamin’s (or however you spell that) where you can stay at their Hotel Oregon in McMinville, and they’ll bus you around on Saturday to several local wineries to try some wine, meet the vintners, have a good time. On the drive back through Portland the following Sunday we took the opportunity to stop at a few more wineries along the way. It’s a pretty decent way to spend a weekend, in my opinion.

Well, I’m not a drinker so I don’t have any good recommendations for local wineries. That said, I’ve been driving past Willamette Valley Vineyards my whole life and I’ve always heard good things.

As for a meet up, I’d be interested, but I’m pretty poor at the moment so it would have to be a low cost affair.

I R smart. (changed to west)