Williams Pinball video game Question

I like video pinball games to unwind occasionally, but my Big Race USA game corrupted and I don’t have a replacement. I heard that there’s a Williams collection for the Wii, PS2, and PSP. This may sound stupid, but I thought that maybe the Wii + Nunchuk have spacing for flipper buttons, plus maybe some semblance of good tiltshake body english with motion sensitivity.

Plus… Black Knight, Gorgar, Space Shuttle, and others.

So… I saw they did a Gottlieb collection. Was that any good? Is there reason for me to be hopeful on this Williams game?

I have the Gottlieb collection for my PSP, and it’s awesome. A great spread of tables, a variety of viewing options, lots of history on the individual tables, as well as a breakdown of how to play them. There’s even a couple of campaign mode things to encourage you to play the less conventional tables.

It might have made my Top Ten games of 2006 list, but I can’t be bothered to actually check. If it didn’t, let’s call it #11.

That Williams collection is out? I’d love some of those tables.


P.S. I (heart) Big Race USA.

Big Race USA…great game, as were all the Pro Pinball tables.

This isn’t an answer to your question, but it is worth mentioning that the recent XBLA release of Pinball FX is exquisitely done. The table designs themselves leave something to be desired, but as a simulation of playing pinball, this game is extraordinary, IMO. This game has the best feel of any electronic verison of pinball I’ve ever played, Pro Pinball included.

Williams isn’t out yet. I played Gottlieb on Xbox and it was okay.

Tiltshake is thoughtcrime. Report to the Ministry of Love, citizen.

Visual Pinball and its quasi-sequel Future Pinball are well worth checking out, as well. The former has an absurd number of tables available to download due to being around longer.

Gottlieb Pinball on PSP was fantastic. I was only keen on a few tables when I first picked it up because I’m a sucker for ramps and multiball and modern bells and whistles, but once I got used to the tilt function, I could start to appreciate the older machines as well. Great game, well worth the $10 you’d pay for it now. Also I thought the physics on the game were very realistic, although that might just be relative to the exaggerated spin-o-rama that is Pinball FX on the Xbox Live Arcade (not realistic, but still fun). So yes, hope for the best with the Williams Collection. I’m all over it day one. Couldn’t care less about the Wii version though.

Anyone ever see a release date for this one? I saw the press release a ways back but it just gave a vague and hazy “2007”.

The Gottlieb collection was brilliant but I OH SO MUCH want this Williams Collection as I’m a lot more familiar with this batch of titles in real life.


Yeah, Gorgar was awesome when that voice piped up and someone wasn’t expecting it.*

Gamespot says this is coming in August.

  • With all the noise pollution of various types nowadays, I don’t know if we’ll ever have many of those omygod! moments where people are surprised by sound. One of my favorites as a kid was turning on the stereo in my room, cranked, on Dark Side of the Moon. As it was queuing, Mom walked in and started talking to me, then those awesome bells kicked in gloriously. Mom was right in the sweet spot between the speakers… thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Oh, man, I’d love a collection that had Black Knight 2000. “Give me your money!”

While I agree with Misguided about Pinball FX being superb, I just want to make the small addition that the ball friction in PFX is completely out of whack and devs have even said so, despite their claim that there are 20 (!) factors that govern the ball physics. Having said that, it is still easily worth the $10 I paid for it and is the best pinball experience I’ve had since the Pro Pinball series.

The Gottlieb Collection is good fun for enthusiasts because it is a lovingly crafted “Hall of Fame” edition that includes information about the tables, a chronological order in a old-school arcade, and more, plus you can play the games in both landscape and portrait mode. The only drawback? It’s the Gottlieb collection…not the Williams collection. ;-) Still, if you’ve got a PSP you should pick this one up.

LOL, I can still hear the heart thump from Gorgar echoing in my ears.
Fun, fun game.

I loved Epic Megagames Pinball sets. They were fantastic and I’m a sucker for the “modern” pinball not old-time.

Anyone kept up with Future pinball add-on’s? I gave up on it a long while ago because most tables were never finished or didn’t seem to play right (and there were few fancy shmancy multi-ramp tables).

Finally found the list of tables for Williams Hall of Fame Pinball: Pin*bot, Gorgar, Firepower, Black Knight, Space Shuttle, Taxi, Jive Time, Whirlwind, and Sorcerer.

Tremendous collection. I’m stoked. Played all of them except Jive Time and Whirlwind in real life. Looked Jive Time up online, and I’m a bit baffled what an ordinary looking electro-mechanical table is doing in the midst of this lineup. Shrug.

Game uses nunchuk plus wimote setup for proper spacing for Wii version.

I tried out Pinball FX because of this thread and it totally sucks. I’d rather have a good port of the old Amiga Pinball Dreams/Fantasies games to the 360 than play this piece of shit.


Furthermore: what the hell is this? I can’t find any info on it anywhere. Is it a rerelease of the Pro Pinball tables for the Xbox (360?)?

I played the hell out of some Pin Bot. Then I bought the NES version and played the hell out of it.

This is a must buy for Pin-bot alone for me. I loved that table.

Pin*Bot is the table that changed me from pinball dabbler to pinball fanatic. I must have spend hundreds of dollars on that game.


All I’d need after this collection is another with Theater of Magic and I’d be set for life.