Williams Pinball video game Question

Yes. The Amazon listing is correct, it’s an Xbox 1 game. It’s been out in PAL-land for ages but I can’t find any reviews.

In my hopeless attempt to hype an un-hypeable game, I offer the following:

Most websites claim that Williams HoF Pinball will have 8 tables. One mentions 10. Previously, I found this list: Pin*bot, Gorgar, Firepower, Black Knight, Space Shuttle, Taxi, Jive Time, Whirlwind, and Sorcerer.

Oddly, that’s nine. But now I’ve seen two mentions of Funhouse as another table. Another really nice addition – Funhouse is a later pin than most of the others, it sort of bridges from these 80’s classics to the modern design era (and alas, the last era, seemingly).

But… only 1 website claims more than 8 tables. So who knows? It’s not like the website at Crave or anywhere really explains anything. Grrr. At any rate, Pin*bot, Gorgar, Black Knight, and Space Shuttle are consistently mentioned in a bunch of previews, so if one of those floats your boat, you should be cool.

For what it’s worth, a guy at Kotaku posted a short hands-on where he was really enthusiastic about the Wii version. Trigger on nunchuk, trigger on wiimote, shake to tilt. IGN gave it a good preview as well, though they wished there was a wiimote only option on control.

The PSP version flips on its side so you can see the whole table.

Oh, and here’s a good place to look for info on the real versions of pinball tables: http://www.ipdb.org/

Black Knight was one of my favorite pinball games ever

Perhaps it’s an unlockable feature and most of the reviewers didn’t play that far?

But now I’ve seen two mentions of Funhouse as another table.

Oh, hell… now I HAVE to pick this up!

Are these Williams tables available on the PC platform or Xbox 360 or Wii?

There are some tables I loved not mentioned here:
Adams Family, Twilight Zone, Black Rose, and Medieval Madness. There was another one, I am not sure of it’s name. It was something like time machine or junk yard. Basically it was a ‘tribute’ table and allowed you to get all sorts of specials from other pinball tables.

One day, if I am ever wealthy and if they are available, I would really like to buy a bunch of actual williams pinball tables. I liked pinball more then most video games.

I hear you. High Speed and Earthshaker, someday…

Remember an old magazine called “Science '80”? They ran a great behind-the-scenes article on the creation of Black Knight and Star Castle. Well worth the near-impossible task of tracking down.

Oh man, I forgot about high speed. That was a fun table. I am not sure I played earthshaker though.

I wonder if we will even be able to buy those kinds of tables anymore. No parts to fix them, no one makes them…

Okay, so the trailer mentions the listed tables, except for Jive Time and Whirlwind. So eight. Unless those two are special unlockables.

PS2, PSP, and Wii. The Wii version is out on Oct 2. Dunno about the others.

Oh, and Firepower is my fave on the list. Not as flashy as several of the others, but great action and skill shots.

Anyone who wants a great pinball game should get Metroid Prime Pinball for the DS. Just saying.

Good lord, Nahr, are you pulling our legs? A pinball game in which you can turn into a turret that shoots laser beams across the table and blows shit up?

In case you haven’t noticed, this thread is people by beret-wearing pinball purists who want to digitally relive classic tables, not futz about with a bright orange Samus morph ball. Harumph.


Why yes, that’s the best part about any pinball game!

In case you haven’t noticed, this thread is people by beret-wearing pinball purists who want to digitally relive classic tables, not futz about with a bright orange Samus morph ball. Harumph.

Y’all purists just go ahead and kill pinball just like you killed flight sims. You’ll see! I’ll be laughing with my bright orange Samus morph ball.

As somebody with his own basement arcade: three pinball machines (Star Trek: TNG, Baywatch, and Black Rose), a multicade cocktail table, and a 2007.5 Megatouch, I am thrilled to see this.

Admittedly I would have traded in Whirlwind for Earthshaker, and maybe thrown in one or two of their classics like Addam’s Family, Attack from Mars, or Medeival Madness, especially since those sell for big bucks, but I haven’t said no to a good pinball title yet, why stop now?

While I agree with Misguided about Pinball FX being superb, I just want to make the small addition that the ball friction in PFX is completely out of whack and devs have even said so, despite their claim that there are 20 (!) factors that govern the ball physics. Having said that, it is still easily worth the $10 I paid for it and is the best pinball experience I’ve had since the Pro Pinball series.

it is worth mentioning that the recent XBLA release of Pinball FX is exquisitely done

Agree. Finally got around to trying Pinball FX. It’s quite good, I bought it almost immediately afte trying the demo. Furthermore, the table variety is probably the best I’ve seen in a single collection with the new tables: Bullwinkle (great theme), Pirate (free!!), and Monster House (sub-table, I assume as a homage to the famous Haunted House table).

That makes $15 for 6 tables, all of which are quite good with totally respectable physics. I’d put it on par with Addiction Pinball (Worms, World Rally), and that’s right under the Pro Pinball series for me.

I tried out Pinball FX because of this thread and it totally sucks.

I can show you PLENTY of pinball games that suck, and this definitely isn’t one of them.

Also, what’s this I read on http://www.pinballfx.com about “Xbox 360 camera motion control”? Anyone tried this? I’m guessing you can move your body to nudge?

Seems like a motion sensing controller would be more natural. I expect that to become a standard feature, like rumble…

Have to disagree. Every single damn table on Pinball FX feels like you’re playing with the Powerball from Twilight Zone. The physics are completely wrong.

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection, now that’s a pinball game that gets it right. They just need to do another one with stuff like Twilight Zone, Whitewater, Addams Family, Star Trek: TNG, and Black Knight 2000 in them.

I find the Williams physics far from perfect, but good enough. I certainly don’t see this big divide between Pinball FX and Williams.

MattKeil, can you list your top 3 pinball sims?

Ha ha, you guys are going to argue pinball physics. Awesome! This is almost like my days back on csipg.flight-sims, where I used to be able to talk about thing like stall speed and compression.


Even if the physics in PinballFX are “off”, they’re definitely fun. I’ve seen the balls do some really crazy spinning stuff, and have been able to anticipate where it’s going to go depending on it’s behavior.

A really strange thing happened on the Haunted House table last night for me though… the ball actually flew off the table. I’d never seen that happen before. The game just sat there for about 10 seconds too… I almost quit the game. But then, it shot my ball out of the plunger.