Willy's Wonderland - Nicolas Cage Keeping His Mouth Shut

This looks freaking awesome.

Fascinating. This has the potential to be terrible in all the gloriously best ways.

You had me at Nicholas Cage.


Holy shit, it’s Nicolas Cage vs Freddy Fazbear! My son will lose his mind if he sees this. Problem is, he’s eight years old and I have a feeling this thing is rated R.

This looks like a skit, good for a few laughs, extended to a whole movie. I think it’s going to suck super bad, and not in an amusing way.

It’s definitely going to be terrible. I am holding out hope for the awesome terrible.

There’s something about Nicholas Cage that makes me want to see his movies. I’m grateful that he must owe the IRS about one quintillion dollars and has to do every terrible script that comes his way!

Because Nicolas Cage commits. It doesn’t matter how low budget or generally awful the movie might be, Nicolas Cage is going to throw himself into it. You can at least count on that.

Correct! Never fakes it.


Put some sunglasses on him. He’ll pass.


(Except, COVID. Doh!)

Yep, Nic Cage is not too good for whatever dumbassery you have planned, he’s going to ask no questions and just act the fuck out of it. If he’s ever phoned in a movie, I haven’t seen it. He’s always 110% committed. When his movies fail, and they do, it’s not because he couldn’t be bothered trying to make the vision come to life, that’s for sure.

I’m in. I like most Nic Cage movies, but when I don’t he’s usually still the best thing about it.

I am 100% in!

Reminds me of The Banana Splits movie.

Damn, now you guys are making me want to watch even his reportedly bad movies. I have pretty much avoided all his bad ones, I think. The only two Nicolas Cage movies that I didn’t like were the Wicker Man remake (it was boring) and Mom & Dad (it was okay). But you’re right, I enjoyed Nicolas Cage’s performance even in those two movies.

I’m looking at his IMDB list now, holy cow he’s been in a LOT of movies I haven’t seen or heard of.

If you wanna see some Capital CAGE Acting!!! watch Vampire’s Kiss and Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans.

The warning I will give you is that many of the movies he’s been in for the last decade, despite his exquisite (over)acting, are real stinkers. Low budget, direct-to-video/streaming bland action/sci-fi garbage. Stuff like Primal, A Score to Settle, Vengeance: A Love Story, Rage, The Humanity Bureau, Stolen, and Seeking Justice are really not worth anyone’s time.

He acts the hell out of that alphabet.

You forgot Mandy.

I liked Mandy quite a bit.