Willy's Wonderland - Nicolas Cage Keeping His Mouth Shut

I’m a pinball nerd, but thought you guys might find this article interesting- about how they made the pinball machine for the movie:

This was terrible, and not in a way where you watch Cage chew scenery and have some fun with gross-out humor. It was boring, and Cage not talking detracted from any fun that could’ve been squeezed from the low-budget concept. Cage playing pinball and crushing cans are the only bright spots in the movie.

I think the Banana Splits Movie was a better use of the idea. It more effectively does the contrast between kids suit mascots and gruesome killings. Sure, it lacks Cage grunting and sloppy fighting, but it’s just overall a more entertaining (and budgeted) movie. Plus, it has the theme song, which gives it a point automatically.

Sid and Marty Kroft have corrupted my brain to the point where I can still sing the banana splits song today.